Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm not in love with this new design.

So its okay if you're not, too.

But my picture wasn't showing up correctly on my computer, and I thought to myself, "Self, what if that's happening on other people's computers?  Then it just looks dumb, not awesome.  You might have to move away from the picture background."

So I'm trying out new ones.  I'm looking eventually for something with polka dots, I believe.

Any suggestions?
Transitioning out the ying yang,


  1. Anonymous8/24/2011

    Personally, I need bigger print. But that's just me. I did find the big picture on the background sometimes distracting. I like the faded silhouettes on the side margins, but obviously, I'd like it to be something other than birds. The colro scheme is nice. I'd like more lines seperating the parts of the blog; things in their place, you know. That is all. MOM

  2. True story: I'm not feeling the pink. It's not that it looks "bad" so much as it doesn't seem like "you." If pink is your favorite color and I somehow didn't know that, then I apologize for being a bad sister-friend. I like the polka-dots idea. I could also see you with some sort of earthy-theme - like gardening stuff or plants of some sort.

  3. Um...Mariah? Do you see what I see on the top of your page? It's a hot mess.

  4. oiy, it's not personalized at all. I swear there are many great free templates out there for blogger. I could point you to a ton if you were on wordpress. I love polka dots :)

  5. @Val,

    I know, its pretty generic. I'll probably try again in a week or so :) I loved your "My knee hurts now" video, by the way. So classic!


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