Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comfort Food

Well folks, it was touch and go for a while, but we're nearly there.  

One might say, we've arrived.

Tomorrow is my last Friday at work.


I'm pretty pumped.  I'm also pretty tired, so if these words seem a little flat, its because they are.  But I'm excited, deep down inside.  I'm also planning on going to bed around 9, so don't worry about me, I'll be right as rain tomorrow.

I still have a "Last Monday," "Last Tuesday," "Last Wednesday," and "Last Day".  But I'm all about celebrating things.

To celebrate, I'm going all comfort food on myself tonight.  And to me, that means one thing.  

The shapes taste best.
Spirals are gross.
Elbows are okay
This box (albeit with different/no characters) really takes me back, as all good comfort food should.  And so I'll share two of these stories with you.  Mostly to have them written down for posterity.  Both of these stories happened when I was about 7.

I was homeschooled (yes, that might explain some things) for 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade.  5th grade was rough.  I nearly failed math.  I don't like to talk about it.  ANYhow, for 3rd & 4th grade, mostly, I was a pretty good worker and could get most of my self-instruction work finished by 11AM.  I had a strong motivation, to get it finished by that particular time, because, at 11AM on channel 8, my all-time favorite show would come on.  And if I were finished and my sister was not, then I got to pick the television show to watch during lunch.

What show?  Well, obviously what any red-blooded 7-year-old would pick, duh.

I'd make some bluebox mac & cheese, and settle down with my favorite bowl and favorite spoon, and watch a nice solid half-hour of b&w criminal genius.  If you're looking for an explanation, I don't have one for you.  Its weird, I know.  I've watched it since.  I still like it.  Remember this post?  Well, sometimes I like things because they're awesome, and sometimes, well... for the opposite reasons.

I remembered the second thing while making my orange-y goodness, according to the "Original Method" as it says on the side of the box (as opposed to the healthy choice).  It must have been a little after the whole Perry Mason kick (although that never really went away... again, I can't explain it), because I was old enough to make my own mac & cheese.  At least, I was allowed to do got away with it.  There's a lot of my childhood that wasn't quite... recommended by professionals, shall we say.  

Anyhow, my mom mixed up some mac & cheese for me, and when I tasted it, it was weird.  Had a ... hard taste to it.  I told dearest Mum that she had done it wrong.  She probably protested that she didn't, I don't know.  Either way, I mixed it myself the next time.  Again, it tasted weird.  So I served some to my Mum, and she said it tasted fine.  Of course, she was homeschooling 3 children and dealing with a toddler, so I sorta doubted her.  To verify, I tried it from her bowl as well.  It did taste fine.  WEIRD.  Later, after some trial & error, I discovered the taste came from the certain brown/peach/ugly-colored bowls I was eating out of.  

Yum.  Nothing like leaching chemicals from plastic.  Again, what every 7/8-yr-old needs.

So what about you?  Comfort food?  Stories?  C'mon, you've all been quiet for a while.  Give me your tales.  Lend me your ears memories.

On Carbo-overload,


  1. Ramen noodles (particularly the Oriental and Chicken flavors) with grilled cheese. This low-nutritive meal was my best choice when I was in charge of my own nutrition in the summer (starting maybe when I was 10 or 12?) and I'd come home ravenous from spending hours swimming in the community pool. I'd get home in time to watch Redwall on PBS and eat that lovely high-sodium, high-fat, no-redeeming-qualities meal and head back to the pool afterward.

  2. I can't believe you think the spirals are gross. I mean, sure, if you overcook them and they just become shreds of noodle, yeah, that's gross, but if you slightly undercook them, I might argue that they are still better than the elbows. Any way you look at it, I'm glad we can agree that the shapes are the best. Those chewy noodles that just don't quite cook, the nooks and crannies filled with radioactive glowing cheese sauce... yummo. Although if I can be completely honest, when having boxed mac and cheese there is NOTHING better than the Velveeta shells. Nothing. So good.

    Probably my number one nutrient-lacking comfort food is KFC mashed potatoes and gravy (I like to get a double order and use them as a dipping sauce for my chicken tenders and biscuit). In fact, I could totally go for some right now. Microwave burritos are also a guilty pleasure.

  3. Earl Grey Tea hot with milk and sugar has been the only steady thing in my life over the past fifteen years or so. It is warm and delicious and I can't help but feel good when I drink it.

    The blue box mac-n-cheese however, is just one of the many mac-n-cheeses I love.
    What different macaroni and cheeses make me feel or think of:

    Blue Box- I used to eat an entire box by myself after every track practice. Yum! So when I eat this it still makes me feel like I've accomplished something that day, which in reality, often the opposite is true.

    Macaroni pie- I never had this custardy concoction until I cam to the South, but I love it. It reminds me of meeting new friends. I guess there are always 15 different variations of this at every church pot luck I have been to. Each better than the last. I love it left over as well.

    Gramma's Baked- Made with cheddar cheese soup, a jar of cheese whiz, butter, milk, long macaroni, salt and pepper. My grandpa and I would always get to have the over baked edge pieces that were crunchy and a wonderful contrast with the warm, gooey, cheesy center. mmmm So it reminds me of my Grandpa. I love it. mmmmm


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