Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etsy Fashion

I've been back on etsy.com.

It was like coming home.

Except not really, because my home looks like this right now:

So maybe it was more like coming home after a fairy cleaned up and some trolls made me some stuff.

Whatever.  That part is not important.  What is important is that etsy is super cool, and also affords a person (although the term affords is relative... ha ha, punny) the chance to buy things direct from the artisan who created them, thus fulfilling my dream and living more like Laura Ingalls.  That homesteader life, it speaks to me.

Here's some things I love.

Old-School Duffle.
I want one.
Find yours here.
But not this exact one, because I'm planning on making a statement with it.
We can't both make the same statement.
It'd be like that annoying echo game some people played as kids.
It'd be like that annoying echo game some people played as kids.
Not me, though, I wasn't ever annoying.
Not me, though, I wasn't ever annoying.
I love this little dress.
Yes, its sorta racy, and I don't know that I'd ever actually wear it.
But I want to wear it.
From LanaStepul, who is currently on vacation.
I wish I were on vacation.  With Lana.  In this dress.
That is all.


These two, well, I just think they're sweet.

And not at all racy.
I would totally wear pretty much any of these.
I've also always dreamed of living in a loft like these clothes obviously do.
It even has a fire escape on which to dream about the future.
If there was an alternate me, who didn't love farms and need space to breathe without people watching, she'd live here.  And wear these clothes.  And sit on her fire escape and watch neighborhood kids play street ball.

There are more things I love on etsy.  But I'm going to hold back because (a) you don't need to know everything about  me, and (b) I haven't evaluated them to see if they're pretty or ugly.  These ones up here, well, I'm pretty sure that I like them so much, I don't care what other people think.  But if you do think something about them, please share.  AND, if you have a favorite shop or item on etsy, or if you sell stuff on there, be sure to drop your link here, so we can all check it out!

Window Monitor shopping,

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