Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jockey Lot

Saturday, I had some time to myself.  Handsome had an appointment with the bottom of the lake, and so I found myself without any plans.  So I decided it was time to take the next step out into the water, moving towards total Southern Submersion.  I went to the Jockey Lot *duhn duh dunnnn*.

The Jockey Lot is a large … collection of people selling things.  Up north, we call them flea markets.  Down here, its called the Jockey Lot.  From the moment I got out of my car until I wearily unloaded my purchases back into it, it was an experience of pure perfection.  Rarely do events turn out to be everything you imagine that they should, but this was one of the exceptions. 

There are tables where people sell things that they would put in a yard sale.  There are tables of pirated movies.  There are tables of “authentic” purses and wallets and sunglasses and watches and… There are miniature fruit stands, as well as some not-so-miniature ones.  There is (and I was unprepared for this) an entire row of slots reserved for people selling puppies.  I nearly came home with 3, until I remembered how Handsome had reacted to my little dog-collecting experiment.

It was wonderful.  I only ended up buying food, but I don’t consider that a shortcoming in any way.  I had a slushie and kettle corn and some (get this!) Homemade Lemon Ice cream.  Delicious and unbelievable, it was the perfect dessert on a hot hot Southern morning.  I bought some watermelons and some peppers, some plums and some onions.  I wandered through a bunch of the tables, and examined some old silver tea sets.  I was told I look like LeAnn Rimes.  I was offered several opportunities to make deals. 

Perfection in a cone.
Best breakfast I had all week.
 I was completely enchanted.

There was nothing there that I could justify buying, nothing I needed, but I loved it all.  Handsome is going to come back with me sometime, since he missed out on this experience, but really, I loved the time to have a little adventure of my very own.  Generally I do things with other people, in groups or just a few, but it’s a rare occasion when I make myself do something alone.  It’s just so much easier, and often seems more appealing, to stay home, with the puppy dog, and make crafts or chill with a movie or something.  But I got out of my funk and explored, and for my bravery, I was rewarded with a lovely memory and a hankerin’ for more lemon ice cream.

The only down side is that I might have become addicted.  After the brief foray into the garage sale-type experience, it seems I was hooked.  On my way home, I stopped at 3 thrift stores, and bought 6 pieces of glass thingy-ma-bobs that I didn’t need, along with some fabric and a duvet cover.  You know, for the duvet that I want to use in August… in South Carolina

Don't worry, Jockey Lot.
I'll be back!
 I think I’m going to have to make this a more oft-occurring occurrence.  Do you have a favorite thrift store?  A particular technique you employ when choosing garage sales?  Tell me your secrets, I need to know! 

I can’t explain myself,

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  1. the flea market is one of the best creations of all time. i LOVE the flea market. i don't have a strategy or anything; i'm not a very confident haggler. i just wander till i see something i feel like i can't live without and then buy it if the price is right. if the price is iffy, i'll wander around for a while, then go back and stare at it some more before making a decision. sometimes i'll repeat this step four or five times, partly because i am indecisive and partly because i just love the flea market. do you have any haggling tips?

    oh, and i also love lemon ice cream and think i need to convince your mom to make some soon...


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