Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Listing Aside

I'm listing today.  Not really to one side or another, but just writing things with bullet points and numbers in front of them.  Its a good day, I believe, as it started out with these lovely cinnamon buns.  Yes, yes, its good.  Its also different.

I've had my first graduate class as a PhD student in Industrial Engineering. 

I've eaten 3 cinnamon rolls, one of them larger than the ones shown in the picture.

I've got 13 million things floating around in my head that I need to get done today.  Things for class and things for grading and things for research and things for moving and things for buying and things for working out.

If I'm going to work out this semester, which I want need to do, I'm going to have to shower at the gym, because of how my day falls.  And that makes me nervous.

Handsome brought me home a surprise yesterday morning.  My kitchen is full of empty boxes.  Yay.

I had Italian Cream Soda yesterday.  It was yummy!

This isn't mine, but its similar to what mine looked like.
I went with a black raspberry flavor.
Lunch dates are my favorite.  Low pressure, lots of laughs and spontaneity, generally good food for cheaper than evenings.  <3 it.

I couldn't sleep last night/this morning, because I was nervous about school.  

This is the first year I didn't go shopping for school supplies.  Because, I mean, really.  How many miniature staplers does a person need to own before its enough?  

Unfortunately, I'm now regretting that decision, based solely on finding this little gem while stealing finding pictures for the above collage.

I don't know that I have a favorite animal.  I feel like that's something a person should know about themselves.

Whats your favorite animal?

Nervously Starting a New Year,

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  1. Buy the alligator, Mariah. Buy it now. THEN maybe it'll be "enough." But I feel like your collection has an alligator-miniature-stapler-shaped hole in it that is just begging to be filled.

    Giraffes. My favorite animals are most definitely giraffes.


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