Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Other ways to use a T-shirt

I'm not a Large girl.

I'm not as small as I used to be, but that's not exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about t-shirt size.

I'm just not a large girl.  And I don't really like to wear bigger shirts than necessary, not even for sleeping or working or stuff like that.

If anything, I tend to go too small, convincing myself that no one is looking and so, this one last time, I can wear my favorite shirt from 10th grade.  HA!

Anyhow, this plays into your life and mine when we enter the realm of free t-shirts.  I'm talking blood drive, community garbage pick-up, team WildCats, whatever.  It seems that, most of the time, I end up looking at the remaining stacks of shirts, trying to decide if I (who is comfortable in a medium, and can wear a small if they run large) want to go with the last 2XL, or take one of the five remaining 3XL.  Its a hard choice, so I usually take my normal route when faced with hard choices, and choose not to make a choice.  I go home without my shirt, which was, to be honest, probably a deciding factor in my participation in the first place.  I love free things.
ASIDE:  When I was ... 9(?), I remember being at a garage, and as we picked up the car, my parents told my bro's and sis and I that we could each have a candybar (huge treat).  They didn't have 3 Muskateers, my go-to-favorite at the time, and they didn't have the runner-up, Milky Way, either.  So I had to choose between a KitKat, a Score bar, and a Snickers.  I chose to go without, because I just couldn't make up my mind.  Weirdo.
Today, my LAST DAY OF WORK (woot!!!!), I received a free t-shirt.  My choices: L or XXL.  I went with the L, because I've learned a lot since 9, and believe that if its free, I should probably choose one and be done with it.  Plus, the shirts were blue.  I love blue shirts.

When I got home, I was no longer satisfied with just giving my shirt to Handsome, however; I wanted to make this work.  So, instead of packing for our 7-day trip that starts tomorrow morning, I decided to get out my trusty-but-not-yet-rusty sewing machine and try and fix the shirt problem.  Here is my solution.

Original shirt.
Too big for me.

Customized shirt.
S/M & feminine cut.
Sorta tighter than I wanted.
I'm totally not in high school anymore.
The new shirt has a sort of baseball-shirt feel to it, with a tunic length that I didn't really count on.  I took a shirt I have whose fit I like, and traced it on top of the Large shirt.  Then I pinned, and sewed.  I tried it on, marked where I needed to change things, and sewed again.  Voila!  A new shirt that I will at least wear to bed, or to mow the lawn, or to paint.  It has been made useful!  I like doing things like this so much better than I like packing.

That is my story for the night.  Sleep tight.

Off to dream land, 

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  1. A justification of procrastination-

    Well really when you think about it, by spending that time making an awesome improvement to your shirt it is now something that will be used for years to come. The packing would have only lasted you a trip's time. In this light the choice you made to sew rather than pack is obviously the best long-term investment of time. :)


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