Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outdoor Movies

These last two weekends have been wonderful and more wonderful, thanks in no small part to the fact that Handsome has been off for two days!  Last weekend was his Sat/Sun combo, which is always nice.  It’s also sort of rare, as it won’t happen again until December.

This weekend was a Fri/Sat combo, and although I had to work Friday while he was home, we still managed to salvage it.  We went out for pizza, which we ate on a covered porch while the sky drizzled.  We laughed and picked and teased, and just had a lot of fun, the two of us.  It was such a carefree mood, which seems a little out of place with all that has been going on in our lives, but it was uber enjoyable, nevertheless. 

After dinner, I remembered what our plans were for the evening.  It was going to be a big, BIG night.  My only complaint about the loverly South Carolina was about to be rectified – we were going to watch a movie, OUTSIDE. 

Be still my heart, there are few things I love more than sitting out on a blanket, eating crappy concession food, collecting dew, and watching a movie under the stars.  Glory Hallelujah, it is summer at its perfection. 

Handsome doesn’t quite see it the same way I do, or at least he won’t admit to it.  But he’s pretty much beguiled by me, and so I get my way a lot of the some of the time.  He will give in to my requests, on occasion, but he never makes it easy.  I don’t know what I’d do if I found myself married to a person who acquiesced to my every request. 

First, we had to check the weather report.  I’ll admit, this was prudent.  And yes, there were some rainstorms threatening the areas around us, but I was convinced that it wouldn’t rain on us.  At least, I told him I was convinced.  The truth of the matter was that I love the rain, and I wouldn’t have minded if it did rain on us, so I was pushing the issue either way.  Then, we had to buy a battery for the dive computer he would be using the next day.  After 10 minutes in the store, he came out with some batteries that he wasn’t sure if they were the right size, but since he had made such a stink about picking them up, he decided he had to buy them.

As we drove towards the place where the movie was playing, H. kept checking with me, making sure that I wanted to drive in this direction

dark, foreboding, miserable.

and not this direction

bright, cheerful, welcoming.

I assured him that I did, in fact, want to drive towards the dark sky, towards the clouds pregnant with rain (I always think that’s a little bit too descriptive, but I wanted to try it out – I was right, it is too descriptive for me), and towards our outdoor movie.  You know, our outdoor movie at the Nuclear Power Plant.  Children, nuclear reactors, and an outdoor movie, the perfect combination.

By the time we got there and started walking towards the screen (this is not a true drive-in, since you can’t, well, drive to the movie), Handsome was nearly twitching, and I couldn’t figure out why, until we had the following conversation: 

H:  *whispered* Don’t you think we’re missing something here!
M:  No, what are we missing?
H:  *whispering more loudly* We’re the only people here without a kid!
M;  No, we’re not.  But yes, there are a lot of kids around.  Are you that uncomfortable?
H:  Yes!  We should go.
M:  We’re not going.  We’re watching the movie.
H:  Then can we steal someone else’s kid?
M:  You probably shouldn’t talk like that.  And no, we can’t.

He relaxed once the movie started, and we completely enjoyed the movie, outside, under the stars, although probably me still more than he.  This was different from every other outdoor movie I’ve ever been to, because (1) We were sitting on a little peninsula surrounded by lake, (2) There was a nuclear reactor nearby, and (3) We were married.   Yep, we haven’t been to an outdoor movie since we got married.  If you ask me, the experience was long overdue, and largely successful.

Satisfactorily dew-soaked,

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