Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Time is it?

I'll tell you what time it is...


Pittsburgh Steelers Time...

Pittsburgh Steelers Time...

Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers, 
Pittsburgh Steelers & a baseball bat.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Is she going to write this entire post in alternating BLACK and GOLD?

The answer would be "no".  
But don't think for a minute that means that I don't want to.  

Farrior, Harrison, Foote... Oh defense, how I love thee!
Don't worry, Handsome knows how I feel about the entire defensive line.
Someone once posed the question,
"If [I] was asked to (artificially, of course) have Troy Polomalu's baby, would [I]?"
Handsome answered for me, "Heck yes she would!" 

I often claim to be from Pittsburgh, although I grew up about 75 minutes North of the city.  And honestly, there are some elements of being a Pittsburghian that I don't cotton to.  First of all, no one in Pittsburgh/from Pittsburgh should ever say "cotton to", and that's just the beginning.  One staple of the Pittsburghese is a word that makes my skin crawl... YINZ.  It is the Picksburgh (that's how a lot of people say it) equivalent of the Southern "y'all".  I can't abide it.  

However, for all of its weird words, there is a lot that I love about the city nearest and dearest to me.  Yes, it has had a reputation for being sort of dirty (although I hear they're cleaning up!), and its a little bit depressed.  But let me tell you what happens when the end of August, beginning of September rolls around - the city Wakes. The heck. Up.  All of the people of the kingdom come out of their slumber, and awaken to find their city bathed in Black & Gold.  It is a thing of beauty.

Of course, if our baseball team was any good, we wouldn't have to sleep through the summer, but that is neither here nor there.  The Pirates are just good way to keep us humble.  If our baseball was rocking like the Football & Hockey, we'd dominate all the sports, and then we'd likely be even more unbearable, on a whole.
ASIDE:  Please note that I count Baseball, Hockey, and Football as "all the sports".  Pittsburgh has no basketball team, and as such, I do not consider it a "real" sport.  This opinion may not be popular, and I may be only talking large here and not really mean it.  However, I stand by it (for at least the amount of time it takes you to read this post).  
Tomorrow, Handsome & I are meeting some awesome friends to go to the Steeler's last pre-season game of the year in Charlotte.  We went to the game 2 years ago, and had a wonderful time!  This is the closest game to us all year, and we take full advantage of both the proximity and the low pre-season ticket prices to get our Stillers (also a pittsburgian pronounciation) fix for the year.

I've got the Terrible Towels out, the cooler loaded with supplies, the chairs & corn hole ready to be loaded into the car.  I even cleaned my car out and put the Steelers Magnet back on the driver's side door.  In case you can't tell, I'm a little excited.

Honestly, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day tomorrow.
Goodbye August, Hello Football!


  1. Is that a porta-John or a dumpster behind you in that last photo? Either way, I think you should leave earlier this time and get a better tail-gating spot. Seriously, your level of fan-demonium deserves a better venue! Hope you have a great time. I'm jealous. Oh, and in case you were not aware, I HAVE NO TV this football season. "Oh, hi Grandma! I brought some pirogis!"

  2. P.S. You should check out Flower Patch Farmgirl's post this morning. She could be your sister.


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