Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing New Things

Yesterday was so good, so busy, so "Getting Crap Done"-awesome that I just didn't even have time to tell you all (still can't "y'all") about it.  Really, it was wonderful.  Afternoon classes were cancelled, because of a job fair.  

Who goes to job fairs?  People looking to gain employment.  Who is not looking to gain employment?  Yours truly!  (Ha!  A job!  A person would have to graduate from, and then not go back to, school in order to get one of those...)  So that left me off the hook for the afternoon (homework and pending research aside).

I headed out to our local Habitat for Humanity thrift store.  This was key as they are only open during certain obscure hours, and I've been trying to go out there to look for (a) a refrigerator, (b) a dresser, or (c) anything that looks necessary to the success of our new home-ownership-ness.

Well, the only refrigerator there was born before I was.  That is my number one rule of appliances - never by anything older than me.  Someday, when there are little people running around and I want something new, I might amend that to read "Never by any appliance older than the youngest person in your house."  Just for future reference.

So no fridge, but I did score this awesome table for $10!  I plan to use it for crafting/homeworking in our 3rd spare oohm when we move.

It's more awesome when it's set up than it looks here.
Really, I don't think there is much that looks totally awesome, stacked behind the weed-eater and covered in cardboard.
[except YOUR MOM!]
Also, something (I was going to say The Spirit, but I'm thinking not) came over me, and I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Really, this was a stretch for me.  I...  bought... 

... decorations!
I think the thought of having my own house has started to change me!
I might keep fruit in the basket.
I <3 that basket.
Can you believe it?!  I'm having trouble myself, and I'm the one who carried them around the store for 20 minutes, then finally paid the *quickmath* $7.97 for the whole lot and hauled them home.  It wasn't the best deal I've ever found (see above), but I was afraid that if I waited for the blue tags to be 50% off, someone else would snatch them up.

Apparently Handsome also had some trouble believing, as we had the following conversation about 30 minutes after I had showed them to him.  We had moved on to other things, talked, been quiet, and even had lunch, when this came up:

H: What did you say those were for?
M: I told you, I think they're decorations.
H: What for?  What are you going to do with them?
M: Well, from what I understand, people decorate with them.
H: Where are you going to put it?  You're just going to set a pot down and call it a decoration?
M: No, I thought I would maybe put them on a shelf together, with a potted flower or something.
H: That is homosexual.  A pot with flowers beside it?  Really?

(a) I understand his use of the word "homosexual" might offend some people.  sorry.  As a note, there is another, much more offensive Handsome story coming up at the end, and if you care to retain any affection for us at all, please stop reading if this one offended you.  It gets much worse.

(b) I wish you could imagine the incredulity on his face when he asked the last 2 questions.  Like I had suggested we stuff Duke and put him on a shelf with flowers.  Which has also been discussed from time to time in our home.  I can't explain these things.

Later in the evening, after H. had gone diving and come back yet again with another pair of RayBans rescued from the lake bottom, we tried to decide on our evening plans.
ASIDE:  I tell you, that kid could have a little side business going on if he wanted to.  I could sew him a trench coat with little hooks to put the glasses in, he could hang out on dark corners offering to people to check out his wares... but the 'stache would have to go, else they'd think he's offering something else entirely!
We settled upon driving to a nearby (larger) town and checking some stores there for scratch & dent refrigerators.  The house we are buying (if all goes as planned) comes with a stove & a dishwasher (hallelujah!) but no fridge.  I checked Craigslist before we headed out to see if there was anything worth calling about, since we were heading to a more metropolitan area. 

There were not any fridges worth calling about.  At least, not in the direction we had planned to go.  But, I did find one "like new" one for $500 and a little older one for $395 for sale in a different town a little further away.  H. was sleeping off his dive whilst I got all of this ready, and so when I asked him to call about it, he made me do it instead.

So I called.  

First one: sold.

My feelings: bummed.

Second one: not sold.

Measurements: exactly right.

My feelings: excited.

And then, for the second time in a day, I did something I've never been able to do before.  Really, I think my confidence grew three sizes yesterday.

I haggled.


I said, "We can come and get it tonight, but would you consider letting it go for $350?" just like I was the coolest customer around.  Like I haggled with people frequently.  Like I knew what I was doing.  Like asking for a price different from what was offered didn't make me sweat and feel like a terrible person and twist my insides all in knots.  
ASIDE: When we bought our Jeep, Handsome did all of the negotiating.  I couldn't even look at the salesman, it tore me up so badly.  I just stared at H. and he just stared at the salesman and in the end we walked out with what we wanted.  He's good at this sort of thing.  I had to remind myself to breath.
Anyhow, as soon as I threw down my cool negotiating techniques, the "Real Mariah" came to and started to apologize and take it back.  But before I could even get in a good "I'm so sorry to assume that you haven't already given me the best deal possible!  How about we up it to an even 4?" the lady on the phone very kindly and calmly answered "Sure."  And just like that, it was done.  I had haggled and won!  I even brought her down a mean 11%.  

My feelings: thrilled.

My new fridge.
Comfortably sitting in my garage, awaiting it's new home.
Sort of like me, but not with the whole garage aspect.

I kept re-living the moment for Handsome.  "Remember, and I just said 'How about we pay $350' and she just said 'Okay.'  Remember?  That was awesome!"  I talked about it pretty much the entire 50 minutes it took to drive out and get it.  Which would almost make a person feel bad for my husband.  Until I tell you about the conversation he had on the way home.

H: You can breed stuff out of people, right?
M: Well, you can make it more likely for a person to have certain features, but there are no guarantees.
H: Yeah.  Here's what I'm saying - you have two people, both with big noses.  They have 3 kids.  One with a big nose, two without.  Slaughter the two without.  Now take that kid with a big nose, breed him with another big nose.  You do this long enough and eventually, you're going to get more kids with big noses.  Like, a few generations down the line, 3 out of 4 of their kids will have big noses.
M: You know you sound like Hitler, right?
H: I'm not saying you should  do it, I'm only wondering if its possible.
M: Please don't ever teach science classes.

And that, dear friends, is how we ended our Tuesday.  I hope yours was as wonderful, and also a little less terrifying, than mine.  Now we're halfway through Wednesday!  I'd better go and make it a good one, too!  If you have any suggestions for what to do with those decorations, feel free to suggest!  I'm still quite new at this!

Haggler Extraordinaire, 

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  1. the "slaughter the two with big noses" comment is so flippant ... it's as if he were doing a math problem and said, "carry the one." love it.


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