Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"The answer is 'Fried'"

"What is 'the current state of my brain', Alex?"

"That's right, for $1600 and the lead.  Next up, Double Jeopardy."

I thought of that little snippet right now, so I did.  It was exceedingly true earlier, but I'm actually feeling much better now.  Earlier today, though, I was a woman on edge.  I had to remember to do 17 different things, and a lot of them were time-sensitive.  Like delivering the lasagna tonight - needed to be done before suppertime.  Packing H's bag - needed to be done before he went to work.  A lot needed to be done.  A lot got done.  It's all good.

Whoa, Mariah.
Ever hear of Fill-light?
We could call this The Dark Side of Funnel Cakes
But only because the picture is dark.
This cake was pure bliss.

And really, these things swirling around in my brain, they are all good.  Like "Remember to call and cancel the internet."  Why?  Because we're moving to a sweet & awesome new house this weekend.  "Remember to do your assignment for Tuesday."  Why?  Because I have an fantastical (although it doesn't always seem that way but is) opportunity to attend grad school.  "Remember to feed the dog in the morning & in the evening".  Why?  Well, because we have a dog just like I've always wanted.  And because he's a larger breed, so if we feed him all 4-5 cups at once, it could turn his stomach and he could die.  But I always wanted a large dog!

I've gotten stuff done today, because (a) God is merciful and helped me keep my head on straight, and (b) I focused on just doing the next thing.  Doing the Next Thing.  I'm going to patent it.  Its a brilliant way of thinking, really.  You first have to plan everything out, which takes some time and ... well, planning.  But after that, if you can just focus on the next thing, really give it all of your attention until time is up or you've completed it, you get a lot done.
NOTE: I have not applied this theory to packing.  My house is still half packed.  FTR.
In other news, I just realized anew that today is Tuesday, not Monday.  I was concerned this morning that perhaps it was Wednesday already, and I had slept through an entire day.  I can't explain these thoughts.  Suffice to say, my current stress level is higher than my body is used to dealing with.

I wish I had something really brilliant to end this post with.  I like to be an encouragement on here, to impart some humor, if not wisdom, and leave you feeling either (a) as though you're not alone, or (b) better about yourself because there's someone more screwed up out there.  But I've got nothin'.  I still have to have a "getting stuff done" day tomorrow, my house is still not packed, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to bed before 10, instead of dealing with this bid-ness.  This is my day.  Tomorrow, well, I'm sure it'll be good, too, if I'll only take a moment to enjoy it.  Maybe I should put that on my To-Do list.

I saw this sign at Spittoono this year.
Turns out Southerners will deep-fry anything.
Thus the proof I've been looking for: I am a Southerner.

I hope your day was fantastic. 
Wishing for a deep-fryer,

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  1. Maybe a deep fryer for a house-warming gift?
    Think Handsome would notice?


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