Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Memories

It was touch & go tonight.  I thought I might just cry.  Not because anything bad was happening, as I've already talked about yesterday - it's all good things going on.  But it just became nearly unbearable tonight.  That knot of stress just sat in my stomach and made me miserable.

I didn't think I'd be able to sleep tonight.  This situation called for some serious action  in the form of comfort food.  I was at the store, and it just seemed right:

Yes, I planned to eat this, and nothing else, for dinner.
No, I don't feel bad about that even a bit.
But then, well, as I was sitting for just a moment with my feet up, on the couch, with my regular bowl mixing bowl full of cereal, the unthinkable happened - I poured it everywhere.  My lap, my pillow, my floor, my couch.  I think Duke even has a few still on his back.

Confetti left over from a party?
Or my worst fears realized?

Now I've to go vaccuum, and try to soak the milk out of the cushion.
Or, maybe I'll just get that new couch I've been eyeing...  *sarcasm*RIIIIIGHT.

So, I did what I always do when I think I might just take a header off of rational thought and dive down into the land ruled by feelings and stress - I called my mom.  She's the best.  She talked me down, kept me from losing it, and walked me through some basic skills I should have mastered years ago.  And then we just started talking, as the edge of panic left my voice.  I don't remember exactly what led to this, but we both remembered it at the same time.

This movie is technically from 1979, but it was a staple in my home in the late 80's.  We wore this movie out.  So, after consulting the always-reliable wiki, amazon was the clear next choice.  I needed to have this movie back in my life.  But, Amazon says that I would have to pay $40+ for the privilege.  Not going to happen, especially if I'm saving for that new couch.

Enter YouTube.

I've never been sure about this before, but now I know, and I want to shout it from the rooftops.   I. ♥.  YouTube.   A lot.

In case you missed this jewel somehow growing up, here it is to share with you.  This is only the first 10 minutes, but the other parts of the video are available to watch from there.  Really, I only needed the first two minutes to feel like myself again.  As the Polar Bear hot-stepped it across the desert carrying the Olympic torch, I could feel that (now) little ball of stress just plumb dissolve.  Once the main players were announced, I was laughing and feeling like the next 72 hours (during which I'll cook a taste-test for a wedding I'm catering, clean my apartment, finish 2 school projects, close on our house, clean our house, and move into our new home, while entertaining, feeding, and enjoying various friends & relatives) were doable.  Not even anything to worry about.

From me to you with love.

I might just conquer the world, too, 


  1. speaking of gems from our childhood that are out of print/no longer exist/etc., PLEASE tell someone to buy this for me for christmas:

    it's probably bootleg, but it is the cheapest (and only dvd) version i have ever seen. the others are VHS tapes going for $200-300 each, which ... yeah. not happening. but this was seriously my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE christmas movie growing up, and i have never seen it on dvd before now. so ... yeah. tell someone. tell anyone. tell everyone. i NEED this film. that is all. i thank you for your cooperation. love you. glad you're feeling better.

  2. Hahhah oh no!! Still..that is pretty much the best cereal ever invented I must say ha!


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