Monday, September 19, 2011

Morning Lies

I did it again.  I said I wouldn't, but it seems that's just another lie to add to the pile.

I lie to myself in the mornings.  Like a ... well, like a lying liar who lies, I suppose.  Last week I started getting up about a half-hour earlier in order to read my bib-le, and it has only gotten worse.  Let me take you through this morning so you can see what I mean.

6:20 [first alarm] Lie: Oh, I set that earlier than needed so I could snooze.
6:25 [second alarm] Lie: Okay, now I'm mostly awake, I'll use this time to start praying.
6:30 [third alarm] Lie: Okay, now I'm mostly awake, I'll use this time to start praying.
-- You'll notice that the lies aren't always different.  Because I lie to myself and pretend each time is the first time I've told it.--
6:32 [real Mariah wakes up] What the what?! I meant to get up 15 minutes ago! (not so much a lie, as an exaggeration) [gets up, goes and does the bible reading/praying thing.]
6:47 [while falling asleep during prayer, realizes that 8am class is cancelled for the morning] Lie: Well, I can still go to the gym at 8, but I just don't have to leave as early, because if I walk in at 8:05, that's okay.  [decides to go back to bed until Handsome gets home, usually around 7:15]
7:10 - 8:05 [half-asleep, waiting on Handsome.  No, not at all like sleeping beauty.]
     Lie: Man, it feels like it's been a really long time.  But I've noticed these last couple of mornings that
    20 minutes seems to take a long time to go by.  Handsome isn't here yet, so I can just keep
     Lie: Wow, it's really light out.  Perhaps I missed "spring forward, fall back".  I'm sure it has nothing
     to do with how long I've been resting, since Handsome isn't home yet.
8:10 [Duke hears Handsome unlocking the door] Lie: Well, guess it's time for me to get up!  Wow, those 20 minutes really did me good.
8:11 [real Mariah looks at the time] Aww stink.  I did it again.

So I lie.  You ever do something like that?

A Lying (but well-rested) Liar,


  1. I told myself (and my husband) a lie this morning. Alarm went off at 6:30 am. Josh comes in and tries to cover me up. I tell him, no no, I need to get up anyway. I close my eyes. I open my eyes look at phone, time is now 7:30. I laugh and think, every morning. I blink, phone rings and it is my mom calling on her way to work. Time is now 8:06. This is nearly an every morning thing for me since becoming pregnant. I go to bed with good intentions and wake up much later than intended.

  2. @TNFG,

    hehe, I'm glad I'm not alone. I mean, you have an excuse, but still, I feel some camraderie. Now I'm going to eat icecream for dinner. You ever do that, either?

    <3 you! Mariah

  3. I think the only thing good intentions are good for is making oneself feel guilty for not doing them......... that's what I'm telling myself right now instead of working anyway.


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