Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moving & Shaking Packing

I need some assistance here.  If I seem needy lately, its probably due to the whole "I talk to my dog but he doesn't answer but sometimes I think he might" thing.  So have pity on me.

The state of my living room.
I'm just glad that I didn't pile these boxes up while Duke was in his bed.
Talk about a near miss.
Here's my question: What can/should I have packed 2 weeks before/1 week before/ two days before my big move?  Yes, I know that I've moved before.  I've moved quite a few times, actually.  But it's been a while, and I've never had much help.  This time 'round, it seems like I might have a good amount of help, and as such, I feel like I should be totally prepared.

I've shown up to move some people before, and all they had packed was a lunch.  That is not "help moving".  That is "help packing".  I'm looking for this move to go as smoothly as possible, and so I'd like for people who show up to "help move" to actually be able to just move, and not worry about packing.

So help a girl out there, you uber-organized peeps.  For example:

I'm thinking this can probably be packed.
I mean, yes, I may have to suffer through some warm Schweppes (my ginger ale of choice),
but I can manage it for a week (I think).
I'm not sure about this one.
I mean, what if I need to puree something?
What if I need a little magic?
Open to Suggestions,

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  1. Two weeks? Pack anything that you don't KNOW you'll need. Not sure if you'll puree something? Pack it, and then just plan on not puree'ing anything for the next 2 weeks. Get a few instant dinners ready now. And whatever else you might need.

    Seriously, making do without for a week or so is way better than not being packed when the move-helpers show up. Not that I know from experience or anything ;)

    My biggest piece of advice? Clearly label each box on both sides with what room it's going in.


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