Sunday, September 4, 2011

Steelers Extravaganza!

Our trip to see the final Steelers Pre-season game was a raging success.  Today, as you read this (assuming you're plugged in and addicted to this little slice of the interwebs here, reading it just as I put it up...) we're on our way to the ... ATLANTAMOTORSPEEDWAYNASCARRACE.  *WHEW!*  There, now, I said it.

I'm still not thrilled by the idea.  

Perhaps tomorrow will reveal some new opinions that I've formed, but I'm standing firm for now.  

Our company during the race will be of the highest quality, as Coot & his wife are joining us.  Really, it is a weekend of wonderful company!  For the Stillers game, we met up with a friend from highschool & his wonderful wife.  Don't think that we left Duke out, no ma'am.  Doug & Cori brought their puppies and we all had a lovely time!

Doug & Cori
The two most photogenic people I know.
Of course, the black & gold doesn't hurt at all either...

The Steelers were milling about...
Here, lets play "Where's Waldo?"
Can you find Waldo?  

The fans were filling in the seats.
Anticipation was building.
Can you feel it?  Can ya?
Can you find Waldo yet?

Finally, the moment came, when the play would be carried out!

Unfortunately, all of my favorites were doing what I was doing -
watching from the sidelines.
Of course, their "sidelines" were more literal, whereas mine was more figurative.
More like "watching from the balconies"
except that sounds sort of creepy & voyeuristic.
It wasn't like that, not at all.

The final score was beautiful, in that the number beside the Steelers was larger than the one beside the Panthers.
Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, after all, right?

On a final note, I would like to play a compare & contrast game.
This is the interactive part of the day.
One of the above players is studly, talented, and an asset to the team.
The other player is less-studly, sort of fumbl-y, and, in my opinion, a bit of a hindrance.
I'll give you hint - a man's hair says a lot about him...
Oh, and I think I'll call Player #2 "Waldo"
Ready for the regular season,

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  1. Oh man....STILL can't believe you are a Steelers fan...uh well we all have our little quirks don't we? Hehe! I have a feeling there will be a lot of trash talk this fall!! Hehe! Love it!


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