Friday, September 23, 2011

A T-shirt Story

I.  Love.  T-shirts.  (ob-vious-ly)

But when I look at my stack of shirts, and I think back to the conversation Handsome and I had all those years ago, I realize, I have enough.  I do.  Easily enough to wear one every day for 2 weeks and not repeat.  I tell myself that this is okay, since they cost $0.89 at the Salvation Army on Wednesdays.  It's probably not, but that's what I tell myself.

However, when I saw this beauty two weeks ago at the SA, and it had the "sale tag color of the day" I just couldn't resist.  I loved the color of the shirt, plus the weight of it is pretty heavy while remaining soft (I know I sound like a connoisseur.  I am.), and I up and bought it.

But then I saw this idea, which is super cute.

And also this one

And then the real ringer was this one, since it would cover the words in front

And so that's what I did.  Minus the flowers, because, well, you'll see.  It's already fru-fru enough without adding flowers.

I will not say that this was an easy craft.  It took a good amount of time, as well as some ingenuity and creativity.  Now, some planning and patterns may have made it a lot easier, but I like to throw caution to the wind when making things.  That style of creating leaves me with about a 60% success rate, but I like the freedom.  Don't tie me down.

I used a tank I had whose shape I liked, and cut this similarly, with 1-inch extra on all sides.
Then I tried it on, and re-cut.
Then made the straps shorter, tried it on, made them shorter again, all x3.

The extra from the neck made a nice necklace for Duke.
He likes, it can't you tell?

Here are the finished ruffles.
The hardest part was trying to cover all of the wording
I have found, however, that ruffles cover a multitude of sewing errors.

This is the inside when I was done.
Can someone please explain to me why I didn't just turn it inside out and not worry about the letters?
No, can't figure it out?
Me neither.

The final (blurry, sorry about that) product.
I think the bottoms of the ruffles are sort of weird, in how they stick out and stuff.
I'm either going to sew them down, or always wear it under a sweater.

So now I've done it.  It took me about 3 hours.  I was feeling sort of down on myself because I did it last night, and I was thinking, "Man, really?  This is what you do on your Friday nights?"  But then I woke up this morning and realized that TODAY is Friday, and that meant I did my craft on a Thursday night.  Totally more acceptable.  

If/when I do this thing again, I'll do things a little differently.  First, I cut this shirt too tight.  The tank I used for a pattern has a lot more stretch than the shirt I used, which makes it pretty form-fitting.  Also, I'd use a much larger shirt than I wanted to end up with, to give me more fabric for the ruffles.  I was scrimping and seam-ripping to get enough fabric to cover all the words.  And that is the craft I did instead of packing up my house like a responsible adult.

Peace, Love, and T-shirts,


  1. I am so impressed.

    re: the ruffles sticking out - what if you just put a couple of little dart-stitch thingies maybe halfway down the ruffle? That way it still hangs all ruffle-y, but doesn't stick out quite so much?

  2. @KyFireWife,

    That's a good thought. I'm going to have to try it, because that little flapping thing isn't going to work. Thanks!

    <3 Mariah

  3. Love, love, love. I'm with you on the ridiculous number of t-shirts I own. I need to try this. Stat.

  4. This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever seen. (Sad for me, AWESOME for you!!!!) I need to do this. ALAS, I am so much of a sew-tard I'm not even sure how you made the ruffles to begin with- do you just scrunch up the fabric and sew?!? yikes. Help.

  5. Anonymous10/13/2011

    I see Christmas gifts in my family's future.


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