Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: Home in Bed

Here's the simple truth: I've been cheated, and my body knows it.  Mainly, I've been cheated by the United States government.  For the majority of my life, I lived according to a certain standard, and then in 2005, whoosh!  In comes Congress, sweeping away my previous life and replacing it with a new one.  Even today, six years later, my body mourns the loss of that day.

The day Daylight Savings Time was changed.

Let us observe a moment of silence.

I know that daylight savings time will turn next week.  But for most of my life, (according to wiki) it was always switching over on 2 AM of the last Sunday of October.  Now we've got a whole other 6 days to wait, and my body knows.  It knows!  It knows that right now, I should still be home in bed, enjoying that extra hour of sleep.  Boo.  According to the sweet web page with clouds that google sent me to, Congress reserves the right to change back to the old ways, should this new change-date prove unpopular.  Well, Congress, hear you me - THIS IS UNPOPULAR.

In truth, I only feel slightly strongly about this.  But I wanted to share.  And I wanted some hot coffolatte to substitute for sleep, but I didn't get that.  But as the Rolling Stones have taught us...

Getting what I need (next  Sunday at 2 AM),

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  1. All I know is ever since they changed it I (and my body) have been more confused than ever about the whole what-time-is-it-supposed-to-be thing.

  2. You are not alone in being annoyed that they changed it up. I don't like daylight savings time to begin with, but at least keep it the same. I'm all for keeping it one standard time like the majority of the world and stop trying to be so different. It's going to be horrible next week getting the family up and out the door even earlier.


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