Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days: Home

There's a thing going around the bloggy world.  A "thing" where, since October has 31 days in it, people choose one topic and blog about it for 31 days.  Its sort of a challenge.  I say, "CHALLENGE, ACCEPTED".  After all, the best way to learn about something is to tell others about it, and there's a lot that I don't know about.

I wanted to do that.

Problem is, I missed the first 2 days of Octobre (that's how I imagine the French say it, even though I know they say it differently).

So I guess this is 29 days.  Either way, I'm in.  And since it's got to do with my life, and my life seems to be revolving around one word lately, that's my topic: Home.  

We just bought our first home, which makes this quite appropro.  But, since I didn't think anyone wanted to hear 31 29 days of babble about how I haven't decorated my home yet, I'm going to expand the topic to be all things including the word home.  Home-sick.  Home-work.  Home-school.  Home-economics.  Home-wrecker.  You know, whatever has to do with the word home.  

Right now, our home is a crazy place.  But it's also exciting, because, in case you didn't catch it, I just wrote the words, 
As in, the home that belongs to us.

So exciting.  So nervous-making.  So stressful and lovely and awkward and full of potential.  So fabulous.

Really, I can hardly stand it.  

As I've mentioned before, it's as though we (Handsome & I) have two homes.  If we're out to eat, and I say "I want to go home," I mean the house where we live.  If we're out to eat and I say, "I miss home," I mean that lovely slice of heaven up in Pennsylvania.  There's a little internal conflict, but its not much.  Either place, either way, home is a lovely thing.  I'm all caught up in how great Home is right now, and so that's where we'll be for the next month.  

What about you?  What is one place that will always be "Home" to you?

Wrapped up in excitement and packaging tape, 


  1. I've always said that home is where my mom is. This year, that became ever so true for me because my mom moved from the home I grew up in to a new home. When I walk into her new home, it still feels just as much like home to me as the house I grew up in because she is there. Now that I'm "grown up", married, have my own home, and am about to be a mom, I've noticed that our home also feels just as much like home as being in my mother's home. My husband also feels like home to me. When I'm with him, I feel safe and secure. So I am a 3 home girl. :)

  2. Clicked over because I LOVED your way cute button.

    Good question about home...I always struggle to find "home". We moved a lot as a kid, a lot. I guess the place I feel most at home is near water. Sounds a little random, but very true.

  3. Hey, I know Amy Sullivan! She rocks. And...your button IS way fab! I'm one of five or so lame-brains with NO BUTTON. The horror!

    I love what you're doing here. Keep truckin'!

  4. When we lived in Virginia, I thought the best thing in the universe would be to move back "home" to PA. Once we got here and things weren't going according to plan, I wondered why we'd ever left "home" (Lynchburg). Now I've realized after an attitude adjustment, a couple of years, and multiple trips back and forth for work that it's okay for me to have two "homes." I'm not a traitor to one for loving and missing the other. I still miss our apartment complex with the communal cat and the pool and the gym. I miss having Kristi over for dinner and exercise multiple times a week. I miss spending Thursday nights playing cards with the Dechants or the Deals. I miss our church and bemoan the fact that all of the kids I worked with in our youth group are now young adults, and I can't be a friend and mentor to them because I don't even know them anymore. I miss the milder winters. I definitely miss the gas prices. But I also know that if we were to move back there, I would go right back to missing all of the things I used to cry over when we lived there. I'd miss your mom, Autumn Leaf, Zion, and our friends here... The grass is truly greener wherever you're not. The trick is learning to accept the here and now instead of wishing for what was or will be. Let me know if you ever figure that out because I'm still working on it.


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