Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: Homeboy

Homeslice, Homefry, Homeboy - Handsome gets called all sorts of things around our house.

but don't call him late for dinner!

I know it's not really funny.  But it has to be said.  Either way, this is a simple PSA to let you know that Homeboy, who's birthday is tomorrow, apparently felt that he could not enter his 27th year with a mustache.  And so, with great pride and happiness, let me re-present to you for the first time in history, Handsome's Top Lip!

It's really back, ladies and gents, and there is no reason to think that it'll be disappearing any time soon.  At least, that's my hope and prayer.  Also, doesn't he have a nice smile for someone who would throw his post-braces retainer in the garbage after lunch period, every chance he got?  

Finally, I am taking suggestions for ways to make Handsome's birthday feel like an actual birthday, when he's already gotten his present, party, and birthday cake.  I'm planning to have a card for him, but that doesn't really make it feel like a birthday.  What do you think?  Balloons?  Noise makers?  A parade?

I love that lip,


  1. Are you sure he didn't just shave it in honor of MoVember that starts on the 1st? lol

  2. @Val - Firefighter Wife,

    To my knowledge, he does not know of this "Movember" and I'm super hoping he doesn't find out!

    <3 Mariah


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