Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days: Homemade Costumes, Homeward Bound, Homewrecker, and Homelite

Yes, there are 4 'home' 's up there.  Go big or stay home, right?  OH! There's another one.  

I've slacked through October, this much is true.  There's been a lot going on in my not-online-life, and I haven't been able to find my camera cord.  You know, stuff comes up.

But I'm going to make up for it tonight.  I'm going to give you some make-up 'home' 's to try and fill the void my little bit of silence has obviously left in your lives.  So let's get down to this void-filling business.

Homemade Costumes: Tomorrow is Halloween.  (I know, chock full of relevant, earth-shattering information, that's what I am).  Two days ago was Handsome's birthday/Halloween/Housewarming party.  We were not very focused on our costumes, and so it came down to about 7 1/2 hours before the party (p.s.- no food was yet made, no decorations were yet put together... but we did have orange and black solo cups.), and we still weren't sure.  80's aerobics instructors?  Superman & Lois Lane?  In the end, a few Salvation Army trips and we went with the old classic couple from the best film ever:

Bandit and...

We called Duke "Fred" all night.  It was perfection.  If I can say that anything good has come out of this mustache, it was that Handsome made a convincing Burt Reynolds.  I love me some Burt.  

Reader Question: "Why did you not go with Burt Reynolds & Sally Field?"
Answer: Because even at Goodwill, wedding dresses cost $59+, and it's just not worth it to me.  Plus, I don't have bangs.  Or dancer's calves.
TCoTFW (True Confessions of Thee FireWife): That wasn't a real and true reader question.    No one asked it.  I'm just anticipating. 

I will post pictures of our amazing get-ups here, someday, when you really need a good pick-me-up.  And once I find the cable for the nice camera with which I took the pictures.  But for tonight, you're just going to have to use your imagination.  While you're at it, think about how awesome that movie is.  

Homeward Bound: It just kept popping into my  mind when I would try and think of topics to write about.  I loved that movie.  It might be the first movie that I can remember crying at.  Maybe the second.  Bambi's Momma *Spoiler Alert* dying really gets me, every time, so that was probably the first.  But Chance and Sassy and whatevertheoldDog'snamewas just called out to something inside of me.  Loved it.

Homewrecker: I also love Moe's.  Not all the time, but there sometimes.  Moe's was my first introduction to queso.  We had a "mexican" restaurant up in NW PA, but really... well, it had yellow queso.  I don't think I need to say much more.  Moe's is actually the first restaurant we ate at in Clemson, when Handsome & MIL  & I came down to apartment hunt.  But that's for another time.

TCoTFW: There really isn't any other story to that one, I just wanted to end it better than "and I liked their queso."  But really, the moral is, I really like their queso.  The end.

Homelite: They make small-engine machines.  They probably make other things, too, but that's neither here nor there.  They make chainsaws.  Handsome got a chainsaw for his birthday, from me.  BOOM.  Connection made.  However, his is not a Homelite, because although they do make them, they aren't really of the caliber that we were looking for.

Basically, Handsome is an old man, and likes to spend money like an old man, and must have the biggest and best.  He doesn't ask for a lot, but what he has must be of top quality, irregarless of it's projected times-to-be-used.  "Only going to use that automatic can opener two times?  Probably needs to have at least 15 hp, and must come with a laser beam for accuracy."  That's what I'm dealing with here.

Anyhow, you know how a (misguided) guy will buy his wife ... say, hypothetically, a television for Valentine's day?  He says it's for her, so much so that even if they got divorced (and yes, he's hypothetically bringing this up on V-day) she would get the TV in the settlement, but really he just wanted it for himself?  Well, I may or may not have pulled that with the chainsaw-for-the-birthday thing.  We used it yesterday, cuts like buttah.  It's fabulous.  I love love love it, and can't wait for Handsome to get back home so I can cut down even more trees.  I'd do it now, but he specifically requested that I not use it unsupervised.  He's generally smarter than I am on most things, so I'm going to believe that he has some wisdom in this area.  Plus, it's dark outside.  But I love it.

For a final TCoTFW, tonight I have avoided homework, sewed curtains (which I promptly nailed to the wall since I don't have a curtain rod), and I'm going to be in bed in approximately 5.6 minutes.  But I wanted to share with you.  You know, because all of this stuff is so important (?).  I hope you've had a wonderful October.  If you have not, tomorrow here is your last chance.  Rock it out.

What was the best Halloween costume you've ever made?
Love and Candy Corn,

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