Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days: Homeowners

Mighty Conqueror Moment of the Day: When I found my camera cord.


I haven't found the cord to the camera that is actually nice, and doesn't switch between modes on a whim (Sony has got to fix that little wheel problem), but I do have a camera that sometimes takes pictures and I can usually download them to the computer.  And so my muse has returned.

Handsome did carry me over the threshold.
Because he's sweet and humors me like that ;)

Handsome and I have been homeowners for... well, probably about 19 days now.  If I recall correctly, we moved in and spent the first night on October first.  Easy to remember.  When we moved in, it didn't really feel like home though.  As the boxes were unloaded and rooms were filled up, it began to feel like a place we were going to live, but it didn't feel any different from any of our old apartments.  

Yes, we had to sign more papers, and yes, there were some different feelings (like debt), but it didn't feel much different.  Even my excitement almost seemed forced.  There was so much work to be done, and I didn't know where to put anything... it was a crazy couple of days.

I kept looking around the place and taking stock - Nope, doesn't feel like ours yet.  Unload a couple of boxes, put the dishes in a cupboard - Nope, still not ours.  Walked around in the back yard, put in a mailbox - Nothing different.  I kept looking for that one moment when things would turn, and suddenly it would be ours.  I began to suspect that it wasn't going to happen, when suddenly...


There it was.  I sunk that screw into the stud, putting up shelves in one of the closets, and suddenly, it was ours.  I was a homeowner.  I had permanently (at least mostly) attached something to the wall, because no one was going to come in in 9 months and inspect it.  I can now mark Duke's growth on the wall, and Handsome can't accuse me of making graffiti.  It was ours.  Our wall, our stud, and now, our shelves.
ASIDE: Still, there is a small part of me that says, "No, Mariah, it still belongs to the bank.  They're just letting you live there while you pay it off."  I'll tell you what, I sure can be a buzzkill sometimes.
I think I'm really going to like this place.  The 3/4 acre behind the house really helps with my breathing problem.  See, when we lived in the apartment complex (the first 1 1/2 years we were down here), I had trouble breathing - not enough space.  I would look out my window and see other people looking out their windows.  I wasn't raised that way, and I don't love it.  Survive it, sure I can.  But love it?  (as I get ready to write "no, I can't love it," I think to myself, "Pleasepleaseplease God, don't ask me to love that.  Pleasepleaseplease... I may have just opened myself up to ... changing.   bleh )

Now I can look out my window and see the leaves changing colors.  I can watch squirrels running on branches and birds flitting about.  I can breathe here.  Word on the street is (literally, on our street, people are saying this) that if I'd stop cutting down trees in the back yard, we could have deer walking through there.  I do love cutting down trees, though.  It's a new hobby of mine.  It's also a bit of an experiment.  I don't know how long Handsome is going to let me keep chopping down trees before he puts a stop to it.  It's a hobby, and a game!

Before you start thinking that I'm going to have a big debt to pay on Arbor day, let me put your mind at ease.  I'm leaving the hardwoods and the Magnolias (because they're AWESOME!).  I'm doing more of a land management thing rather than a clear-cut strategum, there's just a ton of small, overcrowded seedlings.  I'm not going all bad-machine-from-Fern-Gully back there, so don't worry.  Now, if Handsome gets me a chainsaw for ... President's day, like I've been asking, this might change.  I'll check back in with you.

So far being a homeowner has been fun, exciting, stressful, busy-keeping, and rewarding.  I love projects, building and working and doing.  Handsome, well, he's already been working and doing for the past year or so, and so he's not as much in love with the constant workload as I am.  But that's okay.  I've got enough excitement for us both, as is the usual way of things.

Do you remember your first home?  Any suggestions?  Sweet memories?  Horror stories?  Do share!

I'm a lumberjack and it's okay,

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  1. This is OUR first home. When we first got married I moved into the house FireMan owned with his 1st wife. And it never felt like I belonged.
    We've lived in this house just over a year now, and the renovations are still under way, but I love it. I have these moments, usually driving up the driveway, or looking out over the backyard, when it hits me: "This is OUR home. Ours." And I love it.

  2. @KyFireWife,

    So glad you have a place you love! I feel the same, like I can breathe and just ... at peace, when I look through our woods. Ours.

    <3 Mariah


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