Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days: Homesick

I have come to the realization that I will not even come close to doing this for 31 days.  Which, in a way, is a good thing, as I've sort of hit a wall with the number of "Home"-words I can think of.  I can't get my mind off of "Homeopathic" and I don't even fully know the definition of that one.  The reason for not hitting the 31 days, other than missing the first 3 or so, is because I don't have internet at our new house yet, and I rarely bring my pictures to my office, so I can't post pictures.  And really, what is a post without pictures?  An empty shell, that's what.  And no one likes empty shells, save for hermit crabs who need a new home.

As a result of the no-internet-no-pictures thing, I'm going to be taking a lot of pics from google this month.
I will try to cite them, because I desire a clean conscience above many things.
This one is from here
I had a hermit crab once.  Well, probably more than once; we got them when we went to the beach every October for about 4 years.  There is one instance of a hermit crab that I remember, though.  I don't remember his name (probably something unique like "Crabbie"), but I do remember our one great day of play.  I had a miniature-lego-wagon-thing, and I was pulling him around in it.  I'm sure he was having as much fun as I was.  And then something else happened somewhere else, and my 6-yr-old brain forgot about Crabbie.  Hours later, I came back to an empty wagon that was unfortunately parked beside a small hole in the floor that fed down to our furnace.  Bye bye Crabbie.  

While that above story is no doubt heart-rending, you may be wondering what it has to do with being homesick.  Nothing.  And somethings.  I'll get to it.

I've experienced homesickness.  I won't say I wrote the book, but I have definitely been at it's mercy on multiple occasions.  Church camp, I was allowed to go at 7 years of age, instead of 8, because the pastor's wife liked me.  Cried every night, and had to be rocked to sleep.  (I was okay when I was 8, though.  Who knew?)  Going to visit various grandparents without Mom & Dad, as a child, sometimes left me homesick.    South Carolina has seen it's share of my homesick tears.  As one of my friends put it, when she & her husband moved away shortly after getting married, she "cried so much [her husband] must have thought she was broken."  

This week it has been especially hard to be so far from family.  We had some of Handsome's family down here to help us move, and it was great!  And then they left, as all visitors do.  Cue homesickness.  In addition to the general post-visit let-down that follows nearly all great and wonderful visits, this week is a very special week up in PA.  It's Autumn Leaf Festival week.  

Not only am I missing the food, but there's the parade, and the crafter's day, and the food, and my undergrad's homecoming, and the carnival rides, and the food, and and and... well, and the food.  To top it off, on Saturday after the parade (throughout which the ZemZems ride furiously), there's Soup Day at my grandparent's house.  Some of our extended family (of which there is much) who can't make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas seem to be able to make it for Soup Day.  But I can't.  *boohoo!*

Some of The Food

The Crafter's day.

My family usually is found right on that corner there on the right for the parade.
And if you think the picture is hazy, it's because the air is filled with the smoke of Steak Sandwiches.
AKA - the scent of heaven.

The Rides.

A ZemZem.
Them guys is CaRazy!

This puppy is the real star.
Poor. Man's. Caramel. Apple.
Call the presses, hold the cherry.

So I'm missing all that there goodness.  Oh!  And the car show.  But the car show was last Sunday, so that's already a miss.  There's the other type of homesickness, though, and that is where the crab comes in.  It's the kind where you miss how things were when ________ (insert statement of longing here).  When you were a kid.  When you had your old dog.  When so-and-so still loved you.  When Pluto was still a planet.  It's a longing for a different place and time.  Often a seemingly "better" time.  I sometimes find myself wishing that I were still a kid, or at least still 17.  Man, 17 was a really good year for me.  All of my loved ones (the ones really close to my circle of the universe) were still alive, I had this super cute boyfriend, my parent's bought my groceries every week... Life was G-O-O-D Good.  

It's too easy, though, to get caught up in wishing for the past, or wishing to be another place.  Homesickness is a feeling, and as such you have very little control over when it pops up.  But just the same as with all other feelings, you don't have to feed it.  You don't have to slip into melancholy land, forsaking what is good here and now for what used to be awesome.  I forget this ... a lot.  It's nice to remember the good times, and it's natural to wish to be surrounded with friendly and familiar sights.  But it's vital to live where you are, to embrace what you have.  

I have to remember this.  In case you didn't notice, that is mostly my rational self talking to my irrational self, reminding all of me to love what I have, and not to pine.  Pining is so not what I was made for.  Nor were you, sweet friend.  So remember the things you wish to remember, but embrace your today.  If you don't, you won't have anything new to fondly remember later!

Now that I've left you with that little nugget, I'm going to go make my own knock-off version of a poor man's.  Then I'm going to sit in my new backyard and enjoy my little juxtaposition of old and new.  Then I'm gonna try and find a chainsaw and take care of a few things...  

Remembering Fondly,

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  1. Some ideas for you: homemade, homely, homophone (?), homogeneous and, since you mentioned chainsaws, Homelite. Oh, one more. Homelessness. I think my work is done here.

  2. This looks like lots of fun!


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