Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days: Homework

Is it still October?  Because if it is, then I'm still supposed to be doing this whole 31 Days: Home thingy.  And if it's not, I've totally missed Handsome's birthday, which is probably the greater of the two evils.  Let's hope it's still October.
ASIDE: I just realized the other night that I'm 25.  This is mildly disturbing (the fact I just realized, not the fact itself) because, as it turns out, I've been 25 for about 10 months now.  Just double checked, and yes, I am really 25.  Guess I just thought the birthday would have hit me a bit harder.  Turns out age really is just a number, especially if you can't remember what the number is.
October has had me drowning in all things home.  Home-owning.  Home-cooked meals.  Homesick.  Home Home Home.  Lately, it's been homework.  

If I had a desk like this, I might get more work done.
More likely, I'd get some really awful leg cramps.
Maybe a back spasm.
Stupid desk.

ASIDE: The response I'm going for here is, "Oh! Poor Mariah!  She doesn't have a real job and has to do homework for a living, for less-than-minimum wage!" in case you were wondering.  So please feel appropriately sympathetic for my plight.  Thank you.

I didn't do a whole lot of school work last week, while I was prepping for the wedding.  Which went smoothly, by the way, but I will never ever volunteer to do that again.  Everyone liked the food, no one got sick (my biggest fear), and the bride and groom were pleased.  The bonus for me is that I've narrowed down my "What will I be when I grow up" choices, to include not-a-caterer.  There's always a bright side.  I'm still loving the baking thing, though.  I made these killer cupcakes the other day, but that's a story for another time.

Right, Homework.  Yeah.  So I didn't do a whole lot last week, and now I've got a bit of a pile-up.  And honestly, I'm over this whole "classes" thing.  Yes, I have 2 years left, but by this point in the education scheme, a student is usually done taking all of their classes, and can focus on their research/dissertation.  But with the 'ole switcheroo I pulled this year, I've got a few classes still left to take.  Which means I have a few hours days eons of homework left in my foreseeable future.  Not cool.

This is the thing that I've got going on tonight.  I have homework to do, and also house-keeping (home-keeping? could I use that one?  I've got loads to say on the subject!), and prepping for Handsome's bird-day party, and a dog that needs to be exercised, and ... well, a lot of stuff that is much more interesting/entertaining to do.  Heck, I've got pins to check out!  What will pinterest do without me?  Wither away and die, I'm pretty sure.

But If I don't get the homework done, the hours put in, and especially get the concepts grasped, then I'm in a bigger world of trouble than if pinterest did dissolve. (I know, I nearly didn't dare write it, but I'm not superstitious.  If the worst happens, don't hate me.)  I moved my wonderful and really really ridiculously good-looking husband to South Carolina, 650+ miles away from family and friends, just so I can do homework.  So help me, I'd better be doing that homework.  [I may or may not have heard that speech from his lips a few times these past two weeks...]

So I'm gonna hit the hay, and then in the morning, I'm going to put in some real effort - we're talking 10+ hours, doing the school thing.  Because right now, other than laundry, that's my main objective.  What's your main objective?

Love and Assignments,


  1. To get to the SC for Turkey Day.

  2. Well, if nothing else, this just reminded me that I do not currently miss college.


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