Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days: Homophone

Definition: 2 or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spellings.

Example: Bow, Beau.  Sean, Shawn.  Billed, Build.  Burough, Burrow, Burro.

Truth: I had to look up the definition, and then I looked up a list and picked the letter B.  I came up with the Sean/Shawn thing all by myself.  Actually, until I was well into highschool (still think it should be one word), I thought there was Shawn and Sean (pronounced Seen).  Couldn't figure out why anyone would want to name their kid Seen.  

Other Truth:  I don't care about homophones.  Even Onomatopoeia's don't really get me going.  What I want to write about is how I chopped down a 20-foot pine tree yesterday using only a handsaw and a dull hatchet.  And now I have 3 blisters.  And I put shingles on a roof today, so now I can add that to my list of "Things I know how to do at least moderately well".  I want to just pour out all of these confessions, probably mostly because Handsome has been working a lot lately, and Duke is still refusing to talk to me since I won't let him sit on the couch with me.  I want to tell you that I had chocolate bars and apple pie for dinner, and while it tasted good in my mouth, it's wreaking such havoc on my stomach that I've promised myself no junk food for a week.  I want to get your insight on what exactly you think "No junkfood" means.  Does it mean only stuff I buy at the store (for example the Cheetos can hidden on the top shelf behind the oatmeal) or does it mean no baking, too?  Since apple pie was an equal contributor to the problem I'm suffering from, I'm going to say it means no baked goods, too.  What about chips?  What if there's salsa with the chips?  Salsa is a great source of vegetables...  I want to tell you that my sister is newly and suddenly and wonderfully and happily married, and I'm thrilled about it.  I want to tell you that I moved a week ago and just tonight found the box my bible was packed in, and these last two weeks, while they've been hectic in general, have kind of sucked without spending that time I used to spend reading and praying.  I want to tell you that sewing a baby vest for a Toadstool halloween costume is a little trickier than just making squares out of T-shirts.  I WANT TO TELL YOU ALL OF THIS.


I still haven't found my camera cord, and I feel like there is only so much of the picture my words can paint.  I really think that perhaps my camera is my muse (mews - another homophone), and without it, I've just felt defeated before even starting. So my plan is thus: Resolved that I will buy a new camera that has a cord.  Done.  SYKE!  

I'm going to keep unpacking and try to find it.  And I'm probably going to be more absent in this month that I've promised to write every day than I ever have been before.  That's how things roll around here.  On a final note, Handsome has failed his sociopath test for the month.

M: You have a Daddy Longleg's crawling on you.
D: Fun fact - if you squeeze a daddy longleg's leg really tightly for a while, it just falls off.  
M: That's gross.
D: Sometimes I like to just leave him there, the little ball with no legs, and let him think about what he's done.
-Fail (homophone: faille) - 

gross.  Grosse.


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  1. Your last Handsome report left no fewer than 3 of us laughing out loud! Thank you for that.


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