Monday, November 14, 2011

Awkward Turtle

I offered to walk with an old professor of mine, to where he was going, before realizing that he was going to the bathroom.

When the hotel check-in clerk asked me if I'd like to join their rewards club, I declined, saying, "No, we don't have your hotels near my home."  You know.  Because people stay at hotels near their house all the time.

I've tripped, I've interrupted, I've strangely followed.  I'm sure things are not as, to over-use the word, awkward as they seem to me.  Honestly, no one else is paying as close attention to what I'm doing as I am.  But sometimes, I do something inappropriate and I'm half-expecting to see someone watching and then we'll make eye contact and they'll just...

Don't worry about me, I'm a professional,

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  1. I keep trying to post the pic of the awkward palm tree. That one'll really get'cha.


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