Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best Left to Professionals

I had an idea today, during class.  I was stahving dahling, in the purely first-world sense (more on that little phrase later) when I remembered my old go-to quick meal: Pizza Rolls, pepperoni style.

And then I thought, "I have eggroll wrappers, I can buy pepperoni, I have motzarella... I could do this!"  So when I got home, I tried it.

The prep work seemed right.
The smell was good.
But I've come to realize, there's a reason some people are paid to do things.
Those people are professionals, and some things are best left to them.
Among those things, apparently, are Pizza Rolls.

In other news, I re-released my inner blind 5-year-old.  With better results this time.

Made out of old wallpaper samples

A little better.  Un Petit bit.

I reduced the wall space covered by the frames, and went with B&W only
Oh, and I time-traveled back to 1984 and took this picture.
Snazzy, right?  I love the big 'ole lights, and Handsome does not.
So I made some out of construction paper.  Boom.  Done.

It's getting better around here.  Little by little, rearrangement by rearrangement.  Do things go this way for you?  Or do you just do it right the first time?  You don't have to say something special to make me feel better, I know that I'm lacking in this area.  And, apparently, I wasn't gifted with the pizza-roll-making-gene either.  We can't have it all.


  1. I'm especially liking the framing of the thermostat. Genius! I love the lights; way better than "Happy Thanksgiving". Miss you so much already. How many days?

  2. 1. Pizza rolls, yum! Wonder what they're secret is?

    #2 - cute idea with the wreath! And it turned out great!

  3. illerategranny12/01/2011

    Meem, When I see you at christmas, I will bring my Stampin up catalog with me and show you the wall apliques ? I was telling you about. They are beautiful and It will fill pretty much the whole wall. Love you. Can't wait to see you,


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