Monday, November 7, 2011

Just for Y'all

There.  I wrote it.  The "y'all".  It's coming to me, slowly but surely.  I almost told a group of Southerners tonight that I try and make Handsome talk "normal" after he comes home from the station with an accent.  Whoops.  It would seem there is some conflict within me :)  

I'm out of words tonight, but I have this for you, as promised.  Because you're special and God loves you and I'm pretty sure my dog would like you and we could definitely be friends.  And because it's Monday and I'm pretty sure it was pretty.  And full and busy and glorious and exhausting and great.  So why not top it off with a wonderful image to sing you to sleep?  I don't see a reason.

"Don't you know that haulin Coors east of Texarkansas is bootleggin'?!?"
See the Coors there?   See my CB?  We went all out!
(please ignore Handsome's droopy eyes.  It's his curse)
(please don't ignore Handsome's sideburns, mustache, or chest hair.  He really worked hard on it)

It would seem today that I am a great many things.  One week ago (or so) I was even more.  I was Snowman, Bandit's trucking buddy.  Today I was happy.  Content.  It probably helps that I stayed off of the craft section of Pinterest, I'm not gonna lie.  But I've also been reading in Ecclesiastes, and I've been getting hit (over and over and over and over and...) with the fact that it is really God's plan for us to eat and drink and work and find enjoyment in what is around us.  Today, I was surrounded by computer monitors and numbers and homework, with a few friends and cheetos thrown in.  And I enjoyed it.  I was frustrated at times, and I didn't really love it all, but when you step back, it's pretty much all I want right now.  Except the homework.  I am SO over that part.

Have a good night.  Find something to be content in tomorrow.  Don't let people boss you around (sorry, I just felt bossy there at the end of what was meant to be encouraging.  So I bossed you again.  Boom.  Roasted.)

Ten-Four Good Buddy, Snowman Out,


  1. Love the costumes! Awesomeness.

    I say "ya'll" all. the. time.

    And my Southern accent gets thicker the longer I live in Kentucky (I'm originally from Ohio). Especially when I'm emotional at all. It's kinda funny.

    And yes, I think we could totally be friends. And my dogs would probably like you too. And your dog.

    Have a great day!

  2. i yelled - like, legit shouted out loud - when i saw this... because it is just THAT amazing. your mother and i have two words for you: christmas. card. PLEASE??!?!


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