Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Man Around Town

Today is Handsome's birthday.  He turns 27 today.  I'm pretty sure he is not who he imagined himself to be at this age.  I'm pretty sure he thought he'd have kid(s), and... well, I really don't know what else he thought he'd be.  If I had to guess, if we were on The Newlywed Game, and the question posed was, "Where did your husband see himself at 27?" I'd have to answer, "Well Bob, I'm going to have to say that he didn't really think that far ahead."

And I'd probably be right.  H & I, well, we knows each otherz.

So he may or may not be the man he pictured for himself.  But hear you me: He is a better man/husband/friend than I have ever hoped or imagined him to be.  He is the best man I know, the most fun, the most adventurous, and just plain tops.  I'm super excited for this new year for him, even more excited to spend it with him.  I don't know what it will hold, although I imagine there will be much felling of trees, much more eating and laughing, and probably a few lifetime memories as the cherry on top.

Tonight, we're doing whatever he wants to do.  Which, in keeping with his usual way, he has probably not thought that much about.  But I know what I'll be doing: Thanking God that the molestache is gone.

Happy Handsome's birthday to all!

And to all a good night!


  1. Happy Birthday, H! Hope y'all have a great day/night!

  2. #1 - Happy Birthday H!

    #2 - Reading this I couldn't help but thinking what a sweet & encouraging whifey you were. Kudos to you!

    #3 - random: the four of us should totally go scuba diving sometime. That would be cool.


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