Monday, November 28, 2011

No Longer Frozen

ASIDE: Do you know what I just thought??  Of course you don't.  What I just thought is that I should have put up a picture, on thanksgiving, of the turkey straight out of the oven.  That would be the entire post, and the title??

BOOM.  Roasted.

Wouldn't that have been perfect?!? *sigh*  Is it a bad sign I started with an aside?  I surely hope not.

Our house, you know, we're newly moved in and all that jazz?  At least I keep telling myself that we're still "newly" moved in, although I'm not sure how long I can keep milking it.  ANYhow, the house was remodeled before we moved in, and the contractor chose the bold color scheme of beige on beige with beige accents.  And now that I think of it, there's probably some highlights of beige in there somewhere.

It's a statement maker, that's for sure. ~dripping with sarcasm~

Anyhow, I've got these large walls, all painted and beige and, well... empty.

That emptiness of the walls had left me frozen.  Sort of like the first page of a diary - too much pressure.

ASIDE: I always skip the first page of a new journal and start on the second which somehow, although it's still the first page with writing, is totally devoid of pressure and importance.  In my opinion.

Well, my Madre and S-Padre were  in town, and S-Padre is a real do-er.  Last time he came down and I didn't have work for him to do, he went insane in the brain.  This time, I had a whole list, like getting the bathroom doors to shut (check) and ridding my house of devil-squirrels (maybe check?).  Something about all of his "do-ing" has unfrozen me, and might have unleashed a monster.

This is my favorite frame, so I didn't paint it.

My Madre and I went shopping on Saturday (which is a much gentler experience than Friday), and I scored 15 wooden picture frames for $5!  I'd been searching for this deal that everyone else seemed to be able to find, but it had eluded me up until now.  [So if you're similarly searching, take heart- your collection of wooden picture frames is just one shady-thrift-store-experience away!]  A few paint samples and foam brushes and sanding blocks later, and I had something worthy to put on my walls!

Now, I generally lurve Pinterest, but I have one complaint: My creations never live up to the hype.  I don't know who these people are who put up the pictures, but they are waaay more skilled than I.  Mine always end up looking like I gave a 5 year-old a glue gun.  Meh.  That is my lot in life - I may as well embrace it.  Anyhow, here is the finished product!

Two of my favorites.  
I do feel the "m" is a success.
For a five year-old with a glue gun.

Eh??  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Condolences?

See that frame over the thermostat?
That's straight Pinterest.
Boom. Pin-DID!
Also among things I've hung on my walls in the past week...

Coat rack - perfectly level.  Booyah!
My new coat from Ross - a steal.  Booyah! again

See these shelves in my kitchen?
This is what resignation acceptance looks like.
Turns out the walls I want to tear down are load bearing.
Who knew? (handsome did, but I'm ignoring that)
So We're moving to plan B.

I could get behind plan B.
Gives me more room to display my GoodWill Glass Finds
And now, I've stayed up entirely too late.  I've done no cleaning after my houseguests departed.  I've got 4 1/2 pounds of Turkey in my fridge that I should chop up and freeze, since we're 3 days into leftover territory.  And now I've decorated, messed, blogged, and am currently watching Gnomeo & Juliet.  But after my long long long day, I've enjoyed myself, and I've broken through the decorating barrier.  Who knows what's next!?  I might just start nailing random things to the wall inside the frames.  Don't tell me not to, I do what I want.

Peace, Love, and Level Shelves,

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  1. Okay, I love everything. Except... well, I think you know. The wall with the seemingly random assortment of frames/pics.

    I think I get the idea, but maybe you just need more? I kinda like the randomness of it, but it just still looks a little bare. But if they were closer together, or if you had more to put in it, so it was more of a cluster of frames, I think that might work better. Whaddya think?

    But seriously, everything else? LOVE. Might have to steal some ideas :)


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