Friday, November 18, 2011

Numero Quatro

Oh, another thing you don't yet know about me: I can't roll my r's.  Don't try to teach me, I'll just spit all over you, which is really kind of impressive by itself.

You may not understand the title of this post, and I could leave it shrouded in mystery, but I'm bad at that.  Plus, it's just really not a good mystery.  If this were a Boxcar Children novel, even young Violet would have that solved in no time flat.

So I'll expand.  I pre-wrote.  Yes, I know, you thought you were getting up-to-the-minute information from my brain to your eyes, but you're not.  I'm sorry to disillusion you.  If you also feel the need to discuss Santa/EasterBunny/ToothFairy, perhaps we should wait for another time. But I had just gotten back from Charlotta, and Handsome was at work, and I was avoiding an assignment, so I wrote some posts.

Bunches of them.

And this one is number four.  Also known as Numero Quatro.  I had to google translate that, and I'm not proud of it.  I wanted to check the spelling/nuances of the language...  
ASIDE: How much do I wish I knew Spanish?  SO MUCH.  I took 4 years of French in high school.  My name was Arielle.  Sometimes my head still swivels if I hear that name and no one is talking about Disney.  Also, I tested into French I in college.  Awesome job there, Arielle.
However, there's another meaning to Numero Quatro.  This will be Handsome and my fourth Thanksgiving away from home.  OneTwoThree-count'em-FOUR.  It's crazy to believe.

It's been hard, celebrating so far away from family.  Especially our families.  We're used to large, loud gatherings, that go on for hours and include numerous hugs and kisses and stories and cheating at card games.  [You should know that about Handsome, especially.  He's a filthy rotten card cheater.  Don't trust your cards on the table.]  It's been a serious transition, trying to get used to being not in PA, get used to making up your own traditions.

TCoTFW: We don't have traditions.  I mean, we eat the traditional food (seen here!) but we don't do much special.  Heck, this year and last, we won't/didn't even celebrate on Thursday, due to Handsome's shifts.  I'd like to make some up, to start something, but it almost seems... forced.  I don't know, maybe all traditions seem weird at first.  Also, we don't decorate.  I mean, Handsome has never decorated for anything in his life, but I don't decorate the house.  All of our walls are still bare, nearly 2 months after moving in.  The blankness of the walls is just too much pressure.  Whenever I was younger and got a new journal, I always started writing on the second page, because the first one held too many expectations.  I need my walls to have a second page.  
 So I'm at a loss as for what to do for this holiday.  My little foray into Charlotta last week didn't help, as I lost track of the days, and still haven't done any purchasing of foodstuffs.  I'm not a huge decorator (obviously), but I would like it to feel more like the holidays around here.  Any help here? 

Can't wait for stuffing stuffing into my face,

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  1. because I feel random today:

    I can roll my Rs

    I LOVED the Boxcar Children books when I was a kid.


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