Monday, November 21, 2011

Passion Shmashion

NOTE:  Now accepting alternate spellings for the word "shmashion"

I read this girl's blog today.  She has inspired me.  Unless, that is, you are a person for whom true inspiration must lead directly to action.  Because as I see it, there will be no immediate action out of this encounter today.  But at the same time, her passion for what she does, her total abandonment for regular same-ole-same-ole, has stirred something inside of me.  It has brought questions to life that have been dormant now for a few months, and even some that I've never really considered.

My passion: what is it?  What does passion look like?  Is every passion worth pursuing?  If I've got a passion, if it gives me direction, then what?  Can a pursuit of one's passion be a part-time thing?  If it's only fleeting, is it truly a passion?

Is this my passion?
Is it enough to be a passion?

I've met some people, online and in real life, who are following their passion.  They "knew what they wanted to do since [they] were six years old and saw [the movie]."  They "don't even feel like it's work, because [they] like it so much".  For them, "time flies while [they're] at work because they don't even notice."  

I do know one thing - homework is not my passion.  However, I have an assignment (or four) waiting right now, so I'm going to have to still these voices for a little bit.  You don't though.  What is your passion?  What would you do "if you knew you could not fail" (to coin a corny phrase).  Is it still the same one from when you were young, or is it new?  Have you abandoned all to chase it?  Do you even want to?

Able to Stifle Passion for only So Long,

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  1. I've been having similar thoughts lately. I used to be passionate about music. I still enjoy it, but the passion is gone.

    I miss being passionate about something. I miss feeling that fire, being so dedicated to something that all the work doesn't feel like work at all. I miss it, but I don't know how to find it either. I'm not sure it's something you can exactly look for. I think it has to find you.


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