Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's sort of funny, really, how one little letter can change your perspective so much.

Last night, at 11:43 PM, those walls seemed awesome to me.

Today, at 11:43 AM, those walls seem awful.

And that is why I left my walls bare.  Don't get me wrong, those kitchen shelves seem positively inspired to me, still.  But the other room, which is awkward enough in it's positioning and scale, is not something I'm going to be able to leave.  Boo.  Idea: Good.  Execution: deserved for what I've done to my walls not so good.

I just don't know what to do.  

Perhaps I'll move the frames to the basement, where the blue/green/teal & brown chair will be eventually, and so the color scheme will seem appropriate.  I have a single small wall down there that could hold all of the excitement I tried to spread on 3 large walls upstairs.  

But then, how do I make it feel like Christmas down there, with aqua and teal fighting for attention?  Is this just a bad time of year to introduce non-festive colors?  And don't tell me to decorate for Christmas with Blue.  


Here is my inspiration.  I know I need... more.  More frames, more things-that-are-not-frames... just more.  Please feel free to ply me with suggestions.

From her site

From here

Of course, Martha did it right.

Perhaps I could just take them down and sell them on etsy...

From what I'm seeing, the successful peeps who did this *coughMarthacough* seem to have kept their picture frames much closer together than I did.  Which is good news, as it's a concrete idea I can implement.  It's also bad news for my large wall that will return to it's (now pock-marked) empty state (save the coat rack), as I don't have the 732 frames it would take to fill it up well.  

I'm guessing for that nearly 24-foot wall that spans my awkward room (not dining, not sitting, not entry, not hallway... ) I'm going to need a large piece... of something.  Art.  Old door.  Shelves.  Perhaps something like this??  These questions are not rhetorical, people.  I'm grasping at straws here.

That's so many pictures, though.
And the frames need to be nice, since we're not painting over them.
And why did I pick an Aqua scheme, anyhow??
Fault Nature or Nurture, I'm still losing,

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  1. I definitely think you're on the right track by moving them closer together and going with the black & whites. I think if you keep the colors of the frames more similar, like the pics above, it'll work. And what if you centered them above an object? Like the bed and the seat in the pics above? Doesn't have to take up the whole wall, just needs to draw your focus to an area of the wall, maybe?


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