Friday, November 18, 2011

Things You Don't Yet Know

My childhood fear was chipmunks.

I know they look cute.
But they are terrifying,
Especially when there's 1000's of them, like in my nightmares.

I have very strong feelings about my chip-to-dip ratio.  Don't want too much dip on a chip, and sometimes I need to go for an extra chip just to even it out.

I've spent a week with a tribe in the Darien Jungle where the women are topless and the boar are slaughtered in the river.  But they have bottled coke delivered weekly.

I have a handgun registered in my name, although I have yet to get my concealed weapons permit.

When I was younger I could ride on the back of a horse while standing.

I have no food allergies.

My favorite movies of all time are Iron Will, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, and Air Force One.

Favorite Line: "Get off my plane."

While we're on the subject, I'm not a huge fan of the movie theater experience.  Sometimes it's nice, but unless H & I can both go for under $10, I'm not dropping the cash.  I like the couch experience.

I never wanted to go to graduate school.  I was going to teach highschool physics.  Maybe be a Civil Engineer.  Or an architect.  Definitely always wanted to be a trophy wife.

I love a friendly stranger more than most things.  My goodness, strike up a conversation with me about the weather and how America would be better with double-decker buses, what model your favorite corvette is (C1 for me, personally), and we are amigos, my friend.  Amigos por vida.  [Man, I am on a real Spanish kick lately.  I'm on a roll!]  FAPV (figure that one out, and I'll buy you a root beer).

Oh, and rootbeer is my favorite pop.  Some people might call it my favorite 'soda'.  I'm not those people.

I think that gives you just about enough information to kidnap me, or help pull me out of a bout with amnesia, should something like that ever occur.  Either way, as long as there is rootbeer and no chipmunks, consider me game &smiles;

What don't we know yet about you?  Share away!
In ♥ with Rootbeer,


  1. Anonymous11/20/2011

    you're funny- love this blog.

  2. @Anonymous,

    Thanks! I don't find the chipmunks to be a laughing matter, though...

    <3 Mariah

  3. I had a childhood fear of chickens. Now I have 15. Yikes!

    I also feel very strongly about the chip to dip ratio. This makes me think we were sisters in a past life.

    Or maybe we're just weird in some of the same ways.



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