Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Had Christmas Down In Africa

You. Have. To listen to. THIS.
NOTE: I'd put it on this actual site, but it's so good, it's restricted.  Sort of like a banned book.  Which makes it better.
Yes, it's from 1998, but it's just about my favorite.  EVA.  I may or may not replay from the 1:50 mark repeatedly.  I will NOT judge you if you decide to do the same thing.

In other news, I'm closing out the last week of the semester - Finals Week!  I've always loved the week of finals, what with it's lighter load and infrequent class-going.  Fantastic.  And please, don't ask me, "So how long do you have left?" as though I (a) should be wrapping this up already, and (b) should even have the next 2 years of my life planned out.  I have no idea, and yes, I know I've been here forever, doing these homework things and attending these class-type things.  Let's just say there is not a light yet at the end of the tunnel, and I'll let you know when there is, m'kay?  'kay.

Along with finals, I'm working on finishing up Christmas presents, which I'd love to tell you all about and share pictures of, because they're AWESOME, but I can't because that'd ruin the surprise. 

Speaking of ruining surprises, I accepted a package from the FEDEX guy today.  It's my present from Handsome & Co.  I really really REALLY want to open it.  But again, that'd ruin the surprise. 

I'm considering a new button, whaddaya think?
Or perhaps just a t-shirt.
Who's with me!?

But I still really really REALLY want to open it.  

What about you, do you peak?  Do you snoop?  I usually do everything in my power to keep it a surprise, while simultaneously trying to find out.  Yes, there is a lot of conflict within me.  It's kind of my "thing".

Hoping the shipping tape breaks,

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  1. Achieng Adongo12/16/2011

    Hey Mariah, so I'm not stocking you, but when I you told me you had a blog I searched for it. I can't believe you posted this. I spent a big chunk of last Saturday listening to straight no chaser 12 days of christmas and then other men's acappella groups. I really liked the "down in africa part too!" Have a great Christmas!



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