Monday, December 12, 2011


Let's just start out by stating the obvious: It's way to late for me to be posting.

Moving along.

I had a wonderful weekend.  It's technically an hour into Monday now, so the weekend is officially over.  Thus a time for reflection.  Otherwise, when I see people tomorrow and they say the ole, "How was your weekend?" I will have to answer with "Good... I think..."

I don't want to have to think.  I want to know.  And I do know.  It was Goooood.  Plenty of sleep, good.  Handsome & I together 98% of the time, good.  Quiet and loud and fun and slow, good.  Friends and weird neighbor encounters, good.  Fabulous food and s'mores in our fireplace, good.

Not my picture.
I took one like it, but my camera is downstairs and...
Dang these multi-level houses!

It was having my favorite kiddos in the nursery this morning, good.  God-is-movin'-at-my-church, good.  It was Christmas movies and couch lounging, good.  Wrapped presents, bought presents, made presents, good.  Mountain-biking, exploring, sweating, good.  Finishing projects, good.  FIRE IN OUR OWN FIREPLACE, good.  Good Good Good, good.

(I'm just so pumped about the fireplace, in case you can't tell!)

And now it's Monday.  My plans??  Well, I'm going to sleep for a good long while; that much I know.  After that, the day is wide open.  How was your weekend?

I might become a pyro, 


  1. S'mores in the fireplace? BRILLIANT!

    I had a great weekend too. Finally got some Christmas decorations up, some cleaning done. I even put out the pictures I had hanging up at the old apartment. We discovered a hiking trail complete with waterfall practically in our own backyard.

    And we made plans to have you over for dinner tomorrow night! Yay!

  2. One per family, please!

  3. Sounds like a WONDERFUL, recharging type of weekend! Yay!


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