Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Mother!

I know, I'm trying to go to bed earlier (I might not have told you this, but I am.  And I'm sort of failing), but I just checked my email before logging off and guess what I had in there?

No, really, guess, I'll wait...

Some Things Aren't so Bad in the Rain

Its raining.


Those two above facts please me to no end.  Do I want to live in a perpetual rainy season, no.  But I've missed the rain.  We don't get many good thunderstorms between the months of November & February, and I've missed them.  Not that its thundering now, but you know what I mean.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thistles are Thorny

I've been trying to set my background image for a while now.
Really, probably longer than is necessary.

I'm hoping, posting this photo up where we all can see it, can make it possible.

I took this last summer, while staying for a week at my parents.

I love Pennsylvania.

p.s.- in case anyone cares, those pages up and over there at the right →
actually have content now.
In case you need to know more about me.  I'm sure the suspense is killing you.

p.p.s.- I know its a clover, not a thistle.  But what does a person say about clovers?

Pasta and Petulance

Although that amazing title should maybe be saved for a more amazing post, its only gonna get what I'm about to write.  And what I'm about to write is not amazing, or earth shattering, or even especially happy.  My apologies, but its raining here, and while I like the rain, it does lend one to melancholy.  
not my picture.  got it from google.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A'paintin' we will go...

And a'paintin' we did go.  Painted a lot, actually.  Here's the story:

Handsome was pretty down about 8 weeks ago when I took our brand-new (to us) Jeep and backed it into his love-of-his-life-wants-to-be-buried-in-it Truck.  

I cried.

Anyhow, he was pretty bummed, because, did you know this, when you hit your car with your car, thats not a double negative.  Nope.  Its a double deductible, thats what it is.  So he was bummed, and even though he works so hard already, was thinking about picking up some odd jobs to pay for the repairs.  He mentioned this to some guys and one thing led to another, bam!  We've got a painting job.  Painting approx. 10 rooms in a 2000+ sq. ft. house. yay.

Again, I cried.  Almost.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love SC, I Think its Grand...

... when I go to the show I hold my hand.
I wrap my arms around my waist,
and when I'm fresh I slap my face!

Oh, wait, but this was about SC.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

P-Dub am I not.

So there's this lady named Ree.  She's got this blog thing of hers, (PW, P-dub), where she does all sorts of wonderful things.  She talks about her life on a ranch in Oklahoma, she puts up lots of WONDERFUL photography, shares great (if artery clogging) recipes, gives instructions on how to build garden beds and how to/not to home school her children, and a lot of other stuff.  She's pretty fantastic, I'm not gonna lie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Definition: FireWife

So, its a snazzy byline, for sure.  But what does it mean.  Who is a "FireWife"?  I've got this blog thats got this name, and yet I've barely talked about firefighting at all.  "Whats up with that?" you may wonder.  Well, I can't explain why it hasn't been the topic of discussion, but I can explain what being a FireWife means to me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Menu Planning

Get ready.  This will be exciting.

Are you prepared?

C'mon already, prepare yourselves.

Ok.  Here's the plan for today's post: Menu Planning!!  *Cue Music!*

I'm going to pick out the meals for this week, and then write them down.  Might even include ingredient lists.  Or recipes.  Ready or not, here I come!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Impulse Control ** UPDATE**

No new puppy for me.  He is now 10 weeks old, and he is super (like this one) cute, but he is priced at $600, and that I cannot stomach.  So we'll keep our eyes peeled for another little brother for Duke.  Or we'll forget about it and buy one on impulse in a month or so.  Have to see how it plays out.


I want to buy a puppy. It seems like a good day for it. I found a puppy to buy, too. I'm going to name him bandit. Even if its a girl, I'll still name her bandit. Or frog. (Can you tell I just watched Smokey & The Bandit?)

(S)He's the gray one (grey one?) in the bottom corner. If they call me back, I might just do it. Even though I only have 6 days to house break it. Even though it will grow to be 175 lbs +. Even though I'm not sure if I'll be around this summer.

Like the title says, lacking a little impulse control... but enjoying it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Disclaimer to all who want us back in PA: the following comments are indicative of only Handsome's feeelings at the moment and do not in any way represent his actual thoughts or plans.

Me: would you really be happy staying in the south?
Him: Yeah.
Me: What about family? I miss them so much I don’t know if I could be content here.
Him: Just pretend everybody is dead. Then you think "Oh, I miss everyone. But they're all dead, so there's nothing I can do about it."
Me: Do you really think like that?
Him: Yeah. Don't you?
Me: No. No one thinks like that. No one but you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Threat of Thunder

We had a Thunder Storm warning today in our neck of the woods.  It was a lie.  Totally disappointing.  To me at least, because I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS.  That might be understating it a bit.  I love severe weather of most kinds.

  • Thunderstorms: Bring it on!
  • Heat Lightning: Do your worst!
  • Tornado: Want to see one in person!
  • Hurricane: Sideways rain is awesome!
  • Blizzard: Tell Pa to put the presents in the barn and break out the board games!
NOTE: I understand that these forms of weather can wreck havoc on people's lives, and I do not take that lightly.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Late Date

I had planned to go to bed early.
I had planned to be asleep by now.
But then Handsome came home from SCUBA, and says "Lets go ride our bikes!" at 10:30 in the PM.

How can a girl resist such a romantic proposal?  Impossible.

So we loaded up the bikes and off we went.  Its spring break and campus was deserted while still being well-lit. Not to mention we had the moon on our side.  I'm sore and even more tired, but a good time was had by all, and now we have a new memory.  It felt like dating again.  And thats worth it.


We picked up our bikes today.  No, not motorcycles, although Handsome would love to have this one.  We're talking pedal bikes.  But this is not your ordinary, Huffy/Schwinn type fare.  Nope.  We're professionals, and as such, we need professional bikes.  Basically, we went with the whole "Go big or go home without a bike" motto, and this is what we ended up with:

Specialist HardRock 29er Sport

Specialist Myka Sport

Ridiculous FTW

I know.  5 posts, 1 day.  Ree-diculous.  You might think so, and you would be correct.

But there's something that you don't know.

Yes, you know that I clearly had limited social interaction today, and you can tell that I probably don't have anyone to talk to right now, and again, you'd be mostly right.

But what you don't know is that I've had all of these posts bottled up for a long long time, and I've got a lot of things to say.  I even started a post called "Topics for Future Posts" just to get them out of my head and onto paper (eh).  There's so much I want to say, so much I have to say.

So buckle up.  We're going stream of consciousness here to try and get rid of some of it.  Reduce the inventory, if you will.  And we're off:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cue Spring Break Week of Awesomeness

 In 5... 4... 3... 2... 


I must first state that I stole the title of this post from the blog Sit a Spell and while my spring break will most likely look much, much different from the break her boys had in Haiti, I feel as though we share an enthusiasm about the event, regardless.  

I have no big plans, before you ask.  

But I am planning to be entirely enthusiastic about the entire week, nevertheless.  
Here.  Gauge my level of excitement.

GoodWill towards men...

*~* Please ignore the frequency with which I'm posting today and pretend that you think I do have a life.  Thank you. *~*

I'm in the mood for some GoodWill/Flea Market/Yard Sale/Sally Anne's goings ons.  Perhaps its the spring time, or perhaps its my desire for new stuff coupled with my limited free spending budget.  I can't tell.  But I want me some used stuff.  Furniture would be nice.  Worn-in, out-dated Tshirts are nothing short of Jackpot.  Perhaps some glass dishes/glasses/usable decorations (we'll discuss impractical decorations and my abhorrence of them at another date).  Any or all of these things would be great.

I used to shop at GoodWill frequently in high school.  I think I fancied myself "vintage" or something.  Either way, I would find a lot of little kid Tshirts in Large and wear them, especially if they had cool old screen printing on them.  For example, I had 2 favorites.  I tried to draw them, but it was futile.  Instead, I'll tell you that they were blue, and one had a picture of a Mack Truck and said "Daddy Drives an 18 Wheeler" and the other had a picture of a scared worm on a fishing hook and said "I might not catch a lot of fish, but I show those worms who's boss!".  Take a moment, picture them now.  Aren't they awesome!?

So, I continued to rock this fashion trend until one day, when Handsome (before he was officially mine) and I had the following talk.

(set the scene, I am wearing a new T-shirt from American Eagle, similar to this)
Him: I like when you wear shirts like that
Me: Oh really, thanks!  Do you mean purple or V-neck? 
Him: No, not especially either of those things.  Just ones not from GoodWill.
And with that glorious shot, my GoodWill days were tempered (although not completely extinguished).

BTW (favorite abbreviation, said bee-tee-dub) "Sally Anne's" is what my grandparents call the Salvation Army Thrift Stores.  

Deep Dukie

In case you are wondering, I did not think about the unfortunate nickname before I named my dog.  I actually named him before I got him/saw him.  I was thinking about dogs, and I knew I wanted a large one.  So I was wracking my brain for large-dog names, and unbidden, John "The Duke" Wayne came to mind, followed closely by the ambrosia of the south, Duke's Mayonnaise .  It just seemed right somehow.


Green is Keen

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I always wanted to be more Irish than I am (1/16, 1/32, who knows.  Truth is I always wanted to be more anything.)

My middle name is Irish, but its spelled incorrectly and stolen from a 1980's soap opera (no judgement here, Mom).

My sister looks more Irish than I, in her coloring.  She's got sweet freckles.

In other news...

This morning, Handsome came home from shift, only to leave and go back to another one.  So, while he showered, I thought, "I'll make him breakfast".  That was a nice thought, seeing as how he loves breakfast food. So I did.  But I didn't have a lot of time, so I turned the eggs up high.  I was making a Turkey Sausage Breakfast Souffle (I made that name up.  Its Turkey sausage in pieces, whisked eggs poured on top, broiled).  I've made this before and its delicious.  You can add anything, green peppers, green onions, regular onions, spinach... really, the sky is the limit.   For real.  you can't add the sky.

Anyhow, I didn't have a lot of time, like I said, and before I knew it, the house smelled gross, the fire alarm was going off, and Duke was barking at me like it was all my fault (I'm a fan of personal responsibility.  It was my fault.).  Awful.  Handsome wouldn't eat the food (can't blame him), and I was irritated (with myself) that I had done all that work and had nothing to show.  In the meantime, Duke kept barking and was eventually sent to his crate, from whence he continued to bark.

So I opened all the windows and went back to bed for 4 hours.  Did I mention I was tired?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to me.

p.s.- I don't even own green.  I'm so in trouble today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some peoples kids...

... well, those peoples kids, some of them actually read this stuff.  Which is mind bottling (movie reference, anyone?) to me.  So I thought I'd do that thing I've seen elsewhere, where you explain why you write.  So here's why:

Good Morning Wednesday

Good morning, y'all.

This Wednesday is starting earlier than planned.  Partially because of wanting to get things done, and partially because my wonderful husband, who has many other great qualities, is often forgetful when rushed and left his radios at home.  In the fire service, that spells disaster, and so I had to run them to him.  But really, what is marriage built on, if not job-saving interventions from time to time?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Favorite Quotes

No necessarily movie quotes, but regular, "I don't know where it came from but I sure am glad its out there" quotes.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • "Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while"
  • "You and the horse you rode in on"
  • "I wouldn't know you from Adam"
  • "Go big or go home"
  • "Your Mom"
  • "I do what I want" - that ones from Dante
What about you?  Do you have favorite quotes?

Spenders and Savers and Dragon Ball Z

Who would have thought, in the midst of a conversation about really really ridiculously goodlooking (movie quote... anyone?) bike helmets, I would be met with just how different Handsome and I are.

Me, I like to save money.  I understand that spending is fun, and I'll allow myself small luxuries (and I may have a small addiction to this, although I haven't gone so far as to order it by subscription...), but moreover, I long to have a nice, large, somewhat on the chunky side, savings account.  So as far as bike helmets go, I wanted the minimum that would keep me intact.  Nothing fancy.

Handsome, not so much.  "Life is for living" and "Adventure is ours for the taking" and "You can't take it with you when you go" are much closer to his line of thinking.  I suppose we could dwell on these differences, but I'm going to ignore them for now (while keeping an open and healthy dialogue going, don't sweat us).  So he was looking at all helmets, regardless of price, before making his choice (**which is often tempered by wisdom and the reality of our bank account, I think he just likes to see my eyes bug out of my head**)

Anyhow, then the conversation took a turn for the ugly.

Him: I want this helmet.
Me: Why?  Its $175!  You're crazy.  That is not important to spend that much.
Him:  Its my safety!  My safety is the most important thing!
Me: But other helmets will keep you safe, for around $35.  That helmet is not important.
Him: Yeah, but others won't make me look like Vegeta (va-jeet-ah) from Dragon Ball Z as a Super Saiyan!

(for those of you unacquainted... as I wish I was)
At this point the argument ended.  How could I fight that, I ask you.  

What about you?  Any differences that are outrageous between you and the person closest to you?  I've got a longer list than this, but we'll save that for another day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Momma aint no Jesus...

Its true.

If you know my Momma (you lucky ducks), you know she's a mighty smart lady.  She is wise and caring and all around wonderful.  And when I was in my awkward stage(s) (lasted about 8 yrs old to... now) she was always who I turned to for comfort.  Especially in the area of friends.  And Momma always told me, "to find friends, you must first be found friendly".

Which is true.

(wait for it... here it comes... )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

... and puppy dog tails

I have a dog.
He used to be a puppy.
His name is Duke.
He's a mutt (Great Dane/Lab mix)

He was born in March, but I don't know when.
So I'm pretending today is his birthday.
His first birthday.

Happy Birthday Duke!

He was justa baby here, probably 4 months old.
I miss Baby Duke.

And now he's big...
And looks good in Mardi Gras beads...
And he's not especially smart...
And he often turns air straight into poop... sorta like Rumplestiltskin...

I love him and he keeps me company.

(and if he runs away someday, I'm getting a real Great Dane)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

Dear Fellow Drivers,

Everyone has bad days.  Eventually, everyone will most likely break down in the middle of the road at some point in their lives.  But when you do, please do all of your other fellow drivers a favor: MOVE OFF THE ROAD.  I understand that some of you are not experienced enough in the ways of automotives to understand how this is done, and so I will explain it, and then you can plead ignorance no longer.

Friday, March 11, 2011

9 Dozen

9 Dozen.  Nope, not the number of kids I want to have some day.  And its not the number of times I've uttered the phrase "Handsome, will you please get your toes out of my armpits" (although its probably close).  9 (count'em N-I-N-E) dozen is approximately the number of cookies I've baked since 7 o'clock tonight.  And now its midnight, so you can see where I've ended up.  But, some of these recipes are new to me, and I had an obligation to bake them, and so bake I did.  My hands smell like vanilla (which seems nice in theory, but in large amounts I find nauseating).  My single oven rack has gotten quite a workout.
Here's the proof:

Triple Fudge Chocolate Mocha (minus the mocha part... Not my choice)
Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies w/Cream Cheese Icing (!)
Aunt Grace's Orange Cookies
(and yes, it is actually MY Aunt Grace's recipe.  Rest her soul.)
Heaven forgive me, I made... *gulp* oatmealraisin.
(If I say *spell* it real fast so maybe people won't notice that I sold my soul...)
The triple fudge cookies are a relatively recent addition to my book, but I've made them half a dozen times.  They're almost brownie-like in texture, but with chocolate chips and a rich chocolate taste, devine.  Had to leave the espresso powder out of the recipe, because I'm making them for someone else who doesn't know the food of the gods when they taste it.

The Carrot Cake Sandwiches are a brand new recipe for me.  If it weren't 12:31 AM, I would try one, but I don't think thats the best thing before bed (and I might have eaten quite a few of the orange cookies... but I won't say for sure).  but they look delish, and the cream cheese icing (cut with some lemon zest) is delicious, I can attest.

Aunt Grace, God rest her soul, was a sweet old woman who lived with my Great-great-Aunt Dede, until Grace became too much to handle.  She was my Mom's Mom's Aunt (so maybe I missed a great??) and when we would visit, she would have these cookies and sugar cookies for us to eat, and lincoln logs to play with.  Sweet woman, sweet cookies.  One of my personal faves.

I feel that the final cookie is... not to offend anyone, but... GROSS.  AN IMPOSTER.  A DECIEVER.  A LYING LIAR WHO LIES, and (as I read recently) A GREAT BIG LIE-BURGER WITH FRIES AND ONIONS.  But really, let me tell you how I really feel... I don't care for raisins in my desserts, and I've often bitten into one of these suckers, expecting to taste lovely warm chocoatelyness, and instead find my teeth unpleasantly bouncing on a raisin.  BLEH.  But they're not for me, cookies by special request.  I just can't get them out of my house fast enough.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Tonight, for no real reason at all, I made Handsome promise to do the dishes, before I would crack his back.  And for future reference, whenever yous see the phrase, "I made Handsome __blank__", what you can interpret is that I pushed and prodded and asked and got a non-committal grunt in return, because, as he will tell you if you ask him, he does what he wants.  Its a strong-willed thing left over from his childhood.  I just try to embrace it.

Anywhoo, so I asked him to do that, and he said he'll do what he wants.  Usually this means that as long as he remembers, he will gladly help me out, because he loves me and likes to make me happy.  Tonight, however, was one of "those" nights.  The tones dropped, the pager beeped, and the radios started talking.  So my brave and able husband rushed out the door to someone in need.  And was gone until after reasonable hours.  Which meant that he would not be doing the dishes tonight.  Most likely in all of the hoopla, he would forget.  And, on the rare chance that he did not forget, he wouldn't want to wake me up by clanging dishes together when he gets home.  And you know what??

Thats okay.

Because we are two different people with two different skill sets, who complement but do not (in nearly any way) mirror each other.  Handsome knows how to safely remove a person trapped in a car, rappel down a building using ropes and break in through a window.  He knows how to set a fire hose and how to run a pumper and how to vertically ventilate a burning building.  Heck, he can understand what gets said on those radios, which is so far beyond me, I don't usually know if its English.  "Remembering dishes" is not in his skill set.  But once again, let me say,

Thats okay.

And do you know why??  I'll tell you why:
Because ignoring a sink full of dirty dishes is a part of mine.

*** No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo... that I know of ***

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I don't know if you know this, but I'm making it up as I go along.  And I didn't like design I had.  You know, the whole "Candles are lit, rose petals are scattered, champagne-glass-shaped hot tub is up and bubbling" theme.  I know, I'm the "Fire Wife", and so the candles = fire and it made sense.  But I didn't like it.

So now I've tried this.  Its raining where I am, and the screen has rain on it.  I don't know if it always does, or if it changes with my weather.  Raining every day will get depressing.  But I'm going to try it.  Tell me what you think!  Critique me!  I want the Truth, I can handle the Truth!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Me: My (wisdom) tooth hurts real bad.  (In fact, it hurts so bad it awoken me out of slumber last night)
Him: Hmm... Well, babies go through this all the time, and a lot more teeth at a time.
Me: What are you saying?
Him: Babies are tough.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Decisions Update!

So I've not been amazing, but I'd call it above par.  As long as we overlook the excess Perfect Combo that I consumed tonight.  (If you click on the "perfect" part, try to ignore the calorie information on the side.  Its best that way.)

I've yogged (like jogging, with a soft j), exercised my pup, taken care of bid-ness (mmmhmmm) with regards to homework, and cleaned my kitchen.  Alls quiet on the western front.  Until I noticed my spare oohm.  This awkward room I have that isn't an extra bedroom, isn't an office, isn't quite sure what it is.  Except that right now I am quite certain that it is chock-full of cardboard boxes.  I don't know what to do with them.  I'd take them to the recycling center (not that I'm earth conscious, but we have to haul our own garbage) except that the cardboard bin is broken.  So I'm thinking about crafting something out of them.  AFTER I get my homework done and AFTER I take care of my chores and YES I'm 11 years old and hoping for a sweet upgrade in the allowance area.

Any ideas for what to make with bunches and bunches of boxes of different size?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Its gonna get wild!  I'm thinking some practical (can I make a coffee table out of them?  who says I can't?) things, as well as artsy-fartsy (3-D wall art, possibly spray painted...)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rodeo Night!!

I love the rodeo.  Like, big ole' heart LOVE love the rodeo.
There is just so much excitement and it makes me want to be brave and have adventures like riding bulls.  No kidding, there's a camp in Texas where they teach you in two weeks time.  I've considered it.  Not to mention that the smells (yes, the smells) really take me back to my childhood.  Oh, and I want a horse.  Bad.  Here are the pics!!  The buffalo were a real highlight.  And while we're on the subject, whats the difference between buffalo and bison?  Anyone?  Bueller?



A great night!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Feels like change

Ever have a wiggling feeling, one you can't quite catch but feel all the same?  I've got one right now, and we've been chasing each other around for a week or so now.  The feeling that something/things need to change.  Not big changes, necessarily.  Just regular-sized ones.  I'm not sure what things, though.  So I'm making a list.  First, the small stuff:

  • Activity Level (less TV, more running)
  • Food Habits (less cereal for dinner, more vegetables)
  • Sleeping Patterns (this one is tough, because Handsome keeps me on my toes with his crazy sched)
  • Attention Paid to Duke-a-Loop (my puppy needs more exercise, just like me)
  • House Duties (again, less TV, more regular action for the scrub brushes)
  • School Work (more actual work done, less procrastination)
  • Bib-e-la (reading it, praying it, living it)
Then comes the big stuff (that I don't have to decide on right now, but is good to think about):
  • Moving
  • Job
  • Degree
  • Car
It seems, as far as changes go, that the small large ones are easier to make.  Sure, they require more forethought, but as far as execution, they're mostly a one-and-done type deal.  The little changes are what seem to trip me up.  I would like to make it a lifestyle change, a whole turn around, rather than a promise I make to myself at the beginning of the year and feel guilty about later while I sit on the couch.  I'm just not exactly sure how to go about it.  I suppose, in making the small changes, it happens in a series of small decisions.  So I'm going to decide to go to bed right now, before its too late, and I'm going to decide to read my bible before I sleep, and when I get up in the morning, I'll try to make some more decisions again.


Handome missed me.  I can tell by the sweet things he says...

Him:  Huh.
Me: Yeah?
Him: Well, you have less cellulite than you used to...

Him: Pregnant women are retarded.  This one woman, she's only 5 months along, and she's bought all of these baby clothes and "I love daddy" stickers and stuff...
Me: Thats not dumb.  Thats normal.
Him: You would think that.
Me: But I'm not pregnant.
Him: Yeah, but you could become pregnant.  That means you have a tiny piece of the retardedness in you.  It will probably stay there until you're past child-bearing age.  After menopause, you'll lose the retarded part of yourself.


Yep.  He missed me :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schedules, schedules, schedules...

Reno, baby.  Its not quite Vegas.

I'm in Reno tonight, far away from Handsome.  And it wouldn't matter so much, except this is one of the rare weeks, happening right now, in which he has nearly 4 whole days off.  FOUR WHOLE DAYS!  And I'm 3 time zones away (which always throws me, but thats a story for another time!)  This lack-of-work event (and yes, you can call the presses if you desire) theoretically happens once every 6 weeks.  Reality, however, is closer to every 3-4 months.

Our schedules never match.  Not really ever once, that I can remember.  I tried to think back, thinking perhaps I was being dramatic about the whole thing, but really, I'm not.  Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but for the most part, it seems that when I'm available, he's not; when he doesn't have work, I do; when I get a class cancelled and have free time, he's already committed to something else.  This experience is frustrating, especially since I just like him so darn much!

My understanding is that making marriage work requires that two people spend an amount of time focused only on each other.  I'm not sure what the right amount of time is.  Do you?  Different people probably require different amounts (like me: a lot, and him: enough).  We're still trying to find it.  I do know that the best shot I've got is to make the time we do spend together as wonderful as I can.  Its not always my first instinct, when he's been away for 48+ hours and I've stored up loads of things to tell to/ask of him.  But I'm learning, and will continue.  He is, after all, my very favoritist subject!

Aren't we shnazzy and school-ish in our glasses?!  So Schmart!
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