Thursday, June 30, 2011

PSA - T-shirt Quilt along


For those of you who are interested in the quilt-a-long, I've commented on the original post with the number of T-shirts and amount of flannel you will need.

For those of you who are interested but have not commented, this is your last chance!

For those of you who are not interested, I apologize.  This could get boring.

Excited for a non-adventure,

The garden is trying to tell me something

I'm just not really sure what it is, exactly.

We went away for the weekend, and one of the things I was most looking forward to when we came back was seeing how much the garden had changed.  I think its the same with anything, when you're around it every day you don't see the changes, but when you go a away for a bit, it seems to have changed drastically.

I don't think I told you this, but I picked 3 tomatoes before we left.  So we've already harvested from this wonderful little bit of earth.  But upon our return things seemed to have gotten out of hand.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

El Cheapo

In the process of considering buying a house (and yes, even the considering part is turning into a process) Handsome and I have been looking at our budget and trying to do some trimming. 

Now, in case you wonder what a budget is, I would like to direct you to is a free online budgeting tool that, once you link up your bank accounts & credit cards, will track your spending for you, catergorizing things as you wish.  You can set budgets and goals for savings.  Mint also has offers (I’m guessing they’re paid to put them on there, ergo making it free for you to use) for financial institutions and services that they recommend for you, based on your spending & banking habits. 

I find this website to be EXTREMELY helpful.  Also, I’m a nerd, and I like to go in and tweak the budgets and plan and dream and set goals and then delete them.  You don’t have to go that far, but in case you’re not sure where your paycheck is going, this is a way to find out with minimal effort on your part.  For all of you non-math types out there, it does all of the subtracting for you!  You don’t have to even pull up the calculator on your computer.  ChaChing!  That’s a jackpot, ladies and gentlemen.

So, we’ve used to track the moola that H. & I bring in each month, and also to see where it goes.  We’re looking at all of this, trying to figure out where we can cut and how much, trying to see how much room we have in our budget for things like a mortgage and homeowners insurance and cans of paint.  Truth is, there’s not a whole lot of room.

Enter THE CHALLENGE (challenge… challenge challenge…).

Handsome bet me that I can’t cut our grocery bill in half.  And at first I agreed with him.  Not because I’m convinced that I can’t, but because I don’t want to.  See, I like food (as you well know) and I like to try new recipes, and to bake a lot of unnecessary things.  And all of that would be greatly minimized if I wasn’t allowed to spend my $400 a month on groceries.  
ASIDE: I was debating on baring that number on here, but so many of you answered the quiz questions, that it gave me courage. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Ornery Husband

Its true.  I used to call him incorrigible, but that was when I was young and needed big words in order to feel smart.  Now, I just call him Ornery.  And trust me, it fits.

For example, I just called out, "Hey honey, whatcha doin'?" "Reading." "Reading what?"... silence... nothing... waiting... See, I don't want to nag, but to carry on a conversation would be nice.  So I try again "What are you reading?" "Whatever I want." And that's the end of the discussion.  Because he's a turd.

Anyhow, with my wonderfully ornery husband, we made a quick trip up to PA this weekend.  And we had a nice time.  Really, it was a wonderful visit home.  Perhaps many of you who have moved away young can relate, but whenever we go home, we’re like mini celebrities.  It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of pressure, all at the same time.  I definitely cracked underneath all of the demands this time.  Self-imposed demands, mind you, but demands all the same. 
ASIDE: I will not allow my someday-children to be famous, just FTR.  I’m assuming that they are going to be below average in both talent and physical attributes, so this shouldn’t ever be an issue.  However, should something crazy happen and Handsome and I end up with a would-be-famous person living in our home, they will not be permitted to fulfill their dreams until they reach 18.  Once they’re an adult, there’s no telling what they will do, but as a child, they will not become famous.  Its too damaging, and I’m not a fan of indoor pools; everyone who’s famous has to have one, and I’m just not a fan.

All grandparents were hugged on this trip, which immediately puts it in the running for a successful rating.  In addition, all nieces and nephews were kissed, which pushes it towards a rating of above average.  Fathers were visited with and mothers’ hands were held, and finally, as a bonus, Handsome actually danced with me once at the wedding reception.  Its official; we had a wonderful trip.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Whirlwind

I like that one, that title up there.  Its a good one.  It makes me want to both (a) make an awesome post to match its own awesomeness and (b) quit now, because the pressure is too much.

I have for you today just a few short notes before I start running around my house like a mad woman, throwing things into suitcases.  That is right, we're heading out of town this weekend.  
Attention all would be burglars whose ears have perked after reading that: You're welcome to stop by, but we looked around and tried to find things to sell on ebay last weekend, and we didn't see anything of value.  Perhaps a pair of fresh eyes would see something we missed.  Please don't break any windows, its been raining a lot.  Thanks, TFW

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its Summer

Officially, really & truly, summer.  As in "longest day of the year is now behind us", "Sunscreen is a must", "Hey lets go lay out", summer.  For me, its also "guess I'll go to work again tomorrow.." summer, which is less exciting, but ... meh.

Anyhow, what summer means to me is multiple things.

Summer is
Grilling out

Making S'mores
You're killing me Smalls!
Windows-down driving
Fresh Lemonade making
Lake outings
And, more recently, back porch sitting
There are some aspects of summer, however, that are severely missing from my life.  Where we live now is similar to where we lived in PA, but with one glaring exception.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilt Along is a GO!

There has been minimal some interest from you, the lovely and under-appreciated public, with regards to doing the t-shirt quilt along type thinger.  So we’re going to go ahead with it.  Its not going to be every day, and I can’t give you a definite time line, since its going to depend on when I actually do things, which is pretty much a crapshoot.

Aside: My mom says marriage is pretty much a crapshoot.  You make your best guess, and then you jump in.  Doesn’t really matter how much you know about a person, the ring on the left hand changes a lot of things anyhow, and its going to be an adjustment, no matter what.  As long as you both love each other & God, and both lock the exit doors on the marriage, you can do it.  As Dr. Laura says, choose wisely, treat kindly, and you’re good to go. (I’m a pretty big Dr. Laura fan.  I’m a pretty big “My Mom” fan, too, but she doesn’t have her own webpage.)

If I had to give you a ballpark figure for how this thing is going to go down, I’d say by the end of July, if you follow what I do as I do it, we should all have a nice T-shirt quilt to spread on the grass for a picnic,or to snuggle under after you turn your AC way up.  Whatever your fancy is,I’m not here to judge.  My personal goal is to do one step per week, and blog about it.  What you don’t know is that I’m already on step two (!) soI can appear much more caught up than I am.  Its necessary for me to do that, sort of like how friends will tell Handsome & I that a party starts 1½ hours before it actually does, so that we’re not super late.  We might still be late, but the punch won’t all be gone and the cake won’t be stale.

Monday, June 20, 2011

On the eve of our anniversary...

Tomorrow Handsome and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary.

Which is nice.

And we have small Leather gifts for each other, because that is the traditional gift for year 3.  
I'd tell you what Handsome's gift is, but then you'd tell him and and then it wouldn't be a surprise... Its really hard for me to keep his presents a secret from him.  Really, the only saving grace tonight is that he's on shift so I can't tell him.  But tomorrow, I'm going to give him his little present (because we both bought them off of Amazon for less than $20, including shipping), we're going to eat in a nice restaurant, and I'm going to have filet AND dessert.  Probably cheesecake.

But, lest you confuse us with any other couple, please do not imagine that Handsome has gone all mushy-romantic on me; it hasn't happened, and it won't, most likely ever, happen.  My proof is in the following two conversations, both of which were had today.

Since the Dawn of Time... (part 4)

C'mon, folks, you knew it was coming.  

It was inevitable that we would get to this part of the story.  Just like Handsome and I.  

And now, the wedding story.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I know, that hate is a strong word.

Unfortunately, hate is also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these ... vile... despicable... monsters.

Yes, I called something smaller than my phone a monster.

And no, I don't have a very large phone.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but there's just no other word for them.

I have photos of the carnage, but if you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should just go look at the archives or something.  Everyone else, steel yourself for some gruesome photos.

Do It All

I have things to do (as this post will show you), but I read a fellow FireWife's blog this morning, and my heart went out to her.  I have to get my say out before I forget and move along with my life.

There is a myth floating around that women can "Have it all" or even "Do it all".  I would suggest saying those phrases in an ethereal and floating voice.  "Have it all...all...all..."  You know the one.  
Anyhow, this picture people have (and don't even get me going on the whole "striving to be the Proverbs 31 woman" fiasco.  More on that at some point in the future) of a woman who can work outside the home, raise her children suitably, take care of the house and its inhabitants, and keep her husband in love with her, and have time for personal reflection; its not just misleading, its damaging.  Sort of like looking at pictures of models in teen magazines and wanting to be like them.  Its not a real picture of a person.  Its airbrushed and those are someone else's legs, actually, and she didn't have to dress herself at all, or have be awake before 11:30 AM.   

Striving to have it all or to do it all is similar.  There's a fake picture of what the modern working woman looks like and does.  And at the risk of being picked up off the street & thrown into a windowless van for exposing the truth, let me say, SHE DOESN"T EXIST.  (let me also say that the apostrophe-turned-quotation-mark is one of my pet peeves of writing in all caps. you can't just flow with it.)  The woman you imagine, well, she's totally fake; not an ounce of truth on her toned stomach, or a smidgen of truth to be found from her perfectly colored hair (no, sorry, its natural) to her lovely manicured toenails (french tips are all the rage).  And like the magazine models, striving to be someone who isn't real is exhausting.

And then, there's the woman in real life who appear to have it all.  Lets focus on that last emphasized word, appear.  The image you imagine them to be putting forth, or the one they try so desperately to portray, neither one is real.  That woman who lives down the block and all of her kids file nicely in line, wearing clean clothes, to happily hop into the minivan at 7 in the morning?  Who knows, maybe they didn't get breakfast; maybe they're acting so contrite because they poured paint on all of the mattresses in the house last night; maybe she's got them all drinking nyquil.  You don't know what it is, but honestly, no one ever has everything together.  
There's always something that's got to give; nutrition is an easy one - takeout and frozen dinners, done.  Husbands often get the brunt of it too - no time for niceness, no attention left, they're often shoved to the bottom of the priority stack.

Finally, this leads me to the subject I wanted to broach; the image.  I'm tired of it.  As you can tell if you've spent any amount of time on here the last 3 weeks, I'm tired in general.  And thats one that women often hide - most of us trying to wear multiple hats or juggle too many things, we're tired.  But make-up and a small caffeine addiction can hide that one.  In order to help end the "have it all" myth, I'm going to bare all.  No, not like that, sicko.  I'm talking my house.  This is where my "something that's got to give" has gave.  Something had to slide, because there's not enough hours in my life to take care of all that needs care taking, and let me tell you, I made a vow nearly 3 years ago that the "something" would not be Handsome.  That's what you promised, married folks, years ago; He would be first, the dusting be darned.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm in love.  I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not.  I could do a quick search on here to check, but I'm pooped and don't want to put forth any extra effort tonight.  So even if I've already told you, let me tell you a-gain.  I am in love with succulents.  Here's the wiki page, in case you're totally lost.

From what I gather (and again, I'm not firing on all cylinders tonight) they are a special type of plant that retains a lot of moisture and grows best without much attention at all.  Aloe Vera plants fall into this family.  I had one.  I also had a Jade Tree, and I think they also are in the fam, although I can't confirm 100%; I'm about 87% on that one. 

 I'm sure there's all sorts of cool information about them, but here's what I like best: you can break off a piece and put it in dirt, and it grows a new plant!!  Isn't that just the most super cool thing ever??  I think so.  However, that fact is also the reason that I don't currently have any.  Allow me to explain; the fact that they can reproduce without any real effort from a person causes me to balk at paying $2.50 for one small plant.  I just can't do it.  I mean, I could, I have that much moola in my pickle jar alone (what?  where do you keep your spare change?), but I just... can't.  My conscience won't suffer it.

So for now, I'll dream and imagine and fill up this space with the coolest pictures of them I can find.

Finally, through this little process here, I have learned 3 things.  (1) I like succulents just as much as I thought I did, (2) Blogger Image inserter-thingy pays absolutely no attention to copyright on photos, and (3) I'm still hung up on the at-least-3-items-in-a-list thing.

I hope you have enjoyed the most recent installment of low-impact blogging.  BTW, my Buddy was a regular chatty Cathy this morning, and then turned into silent Sue on the ride home again.  But, there was no solitare played today, so I'm calling it a win.  I'm off to start my weekend now.  Mazel Tov.

Stingy to the max,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Tired.

I. Am. So. Tired.  

My eyes are watering.  The left one was twitching yesterday.  Mornings are hard, especially because I didn't pre-pick my clothes for this week, despite how well it worked last week.  I know, its not logical; sometimes things just happen.  

And the drive is rough this week, because I'm the one doing it.  I've got a commuter buddy, although I use the term "buddy" loosely.  Lets just say its... how to put this... 
Yeah, I think that about covers it.  Buddy played solitaire on Buddy's iPhone today while I drove the 41.8 miles home.  In near-silence.  After the first 8 minutes, Buddy stopped giving one-syllable responses to my attempts at conversation.  Did I mention this trip takes approx 63 minutes?  Of awkward silence.  The first few days of these shenanigans, I thought "people always like to talk about themselves, so I'll ask Buddy some questions."  It worked at first, but eventually, FAIL.  I can't really ask any more questions without crossing over into stalker territory.  I deal with this silence through self-reflection (Its okay, self, if Buddy doesn't like you.  Everyone doesn't have to like you.  Give Buddy some space.  Look how cute your skirt is today.  Wow, self, thats a lot of blisters on your feet.  Better choose some better shoes next time...) and so on.  

I also listen to the country music that I want to listen to, and drive with my windows down because I want to, even though Buddy said that country music is "meh" and seems more like the A/C type. Its not that selfish living is my goal.  I think on some level, I'm daring Buddy to speak to me, even if its in protest of something.  On the up-side, I think I'm going to net a savings of approx $260, so... I'll take it.  In case you wondered, that is apparently my price for un-enjoyable company.  Applications accepted within.

Finally, tomorrow is my Thursday-masquerading-as-Friday, as this is 4-day week.  I'm very excited to be done with this week and its slowness and its awkward drivings.  Next week is Buddy's turn to drive, and my turn to be a recluse in a social situation.  We also have some bestest friends coming down to visit and ride bicycles, which my tukus is not excited about, but it does make my heart happy :)  Tomorrow night, after getting re-certified for CPR because he's a hero, I'll finally get to see Handsome.  I don't think I saw him this morning (although we all know what a haze I'm in before 7AM,so maybe I did...), and so that would be Tuesday morning that I blew H. a smooch and headed out the door, and I haven't seen him since.  He misses me too, which is nice.  Usually I'm just overly needy and he puts up with me.  

So tomorrow, when I climb into JeepJeep (thats what I've decided to name my vehicle, for lack of a better imagination), I will focus on the fact that it is Friday, and I have my hot cofocolate, and on this:

I'm pretty sure its a weed.  I know it is growing rampant up between our gravel in the driveway.  Handsome has big plans to kill all unwelcome guests in our yard tomorrow, so this picture may be the only one I get.  Oh, and please call before coming over, for all of our sakes.

Apparently terrible at small talk,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy & Not

There are some things in life that are easy.  Opening a Jello cup.  Easy.  Like, super easy.  It might be the most universally easy task in the world.Think about it; the foil top is practically begging to come off.  Its got a nice big tab, the glue isn't great (try not to think about what this means for the sanitary condition of the contents, I'm sure its fine...), and the cup is a nice size for holding during opening.  In a word (not to berepetitive, but...) its easy.  C'est facile, if you want to know the French phrasing for it.

ASIDE: I can also give you the French translation for other important phrases.  "J'ai perdu mon vache sur la montagne.  Qu'est que tu veux faire a demain ?  Elle a une forte gomme, un perle rose."  "I have lost my cow on the mountain.  What do you want to do tomorrow?  She has a strong eraser, a pink pearl."  I really feel like I'm ready to visit the country.

But when we're talking about things that are easy, something that does not make the list is finding a house to buy. In the rare exception, people findthe perfect house, in the right location, needing a bearable amount of work, at a great price.  Or maybe, when I wrote "in the rare exception", I should have written "Once upon a time, in a land far far away...", because that situation is far removed from any reality I know.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What to do with T-shirts

If you're anything like me (not that I assume you are, but hey, we've still got Breakfast at Tiffany's, right?), you've got stuff lying around.  There's a lot of stuff lying around my house, which I will discuss at length at some other juncture.  The stuff that I'm focused on tonight is T-shirts.  Tshirts.  Tee shirts.  However you write it, most everyone wears them, and most people have a lot.  I think.

I know that personally, I have many t-shirts that evoke strong memories.  My favorite team, my hometown, my high school events.  Even ... a number of years out of high school, I have many shirts (not that I can wear them all... or should) that take me back there, to the glory days.  I have shirts from events I've participated in, and even got one from work this week.  And don't even get me started on the outrageous number of fire department shirts Handsome has sitting in his closet.  Really, it ought to be embarrassing.  
Aside: I like Handsome very much.  Just in case anyone is checking.  This house hunting process has been... unpredictable, but I am glad he's my partner in all of this.  He even offered me icecream after some disappointing news.  Because he loves me.  Thats what icecream means.
Aside: If you're concerned about the number of "aside"s in recent posts, I can offer you no promise that it will end soon.  I guess my mind is sort of scattered lately, and I like to give you my thoughts in "real time", so that you can know all of me and then decide your opinion.  I'd hate it if you thought I was a focused thinker all the time, and then met me and were disappointed.
Anyhow, about the T-shirts.  My favorite thing to do when the tee shirt monster gets too be too large is to cut him down.  And I do mean cut.

This is my baby rotary cutter.
Baby, as in "smaller than regular sized".
Not to be confused with a rotary cutter for use by babies.
Oh, and about babysitting your children... yeah, we're available! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Hunt is On!

Alrighty folks, this one's gonna be short, but I'm in need of some assistance, and you are my potential assistors.  assisters.  assistants.  I'm not sure how to say it.  What I'm saying is, I need your help.

Handsome and I do this little dance every year, it seems, where we start to get the itch for a home of our own.  Like, to be the person who owns the home.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and just throw these words together.  Sometimes, we want to be homeowners.  And the itch has struck again.

I've been thinking about "When I have a House", as you can see by the Pintrest page that links to.  But its all been in the abstract, because I thought the time when we would have a house of our own was a long ways off.  But then Handsome points out some facts, like how much we've paid in rent these last 3 years, and how cheap houses are, and how much lovely sweating I could do if I had a house of my own to re-no (pronounced  ren-no, as in renovate), and I get to thinking about it for serious.

Since You've Been Gone

Hello darling dears.

Its the end of another work day, although there's still an entire one tomorrow.  Still, with this renewed appreciation I have for Fridays, I'm feeling pretty good.  This internship is supposed to be a learning experience, and boy, have I learned, and I kind of expected that; its the subject matter that has got me impressed.  I mean, I like variety and all, but this is impressive.  I've learned about bee-keeping  apiculture, the proper technique for turning during high-speed, downhill bicycle racing, the cartography of Idaho, and the formation of storm cells.  The company I'm working for claims to embrace diversity, and they are not liars.  I have had a few Office Space moments, especially with the copier.  Luckily, the stapler I've been assigned is just regular and will not incite me to steal.

My wonderful, fantastic, often-inappropriate-but-essentially-kind-hearted husband drove out to the big city and met me last night for a wonderful bike ride during a threatening storm that once again turned out to be all talk.  We rode for 15 miles, averaging about 12 mph.  There were no mountains on our route, so I didn't get to practice my newly learned techniques, but it was great nevertheless. I also got the great gift of coming home to a clean house.  I mean, spic 'n span, spit-shined, smells nice even without candles burning, clean.  It was such a wonderful treat, I'm going to treat my hubby back by electing NOT to show you the video I once captured of him narrating himself cleaning the kitchen sink as though he were Julia Child showing you how to quarter a duck. 
Aside: Why does nevertheless get to be one word, when it is clearly three, but other words, like ice cream and high school have to stay separated?  Thats racist.  
Aside: I understand that I've misused the word racist in the above aside.  I'm sorry if you're offended.  Send me a message, let me know, and I'll try to never do it again.  Otherwise, I'm going to assume that you don't mind me throwing it around into places it does not belong.  Kind of like how i do with my "Your Mom"s.  FTR: International students do not see the same humor in that as you & I do.  I would say Chinese students in particular, but then I would seem to be  making a racist statement, so I'll refrain.  Lets just say, personal experience.
Today, I plucked 1 Jalapeno, 2 hot banana peppers, 1 strange small yellow pepper (yes, thats the official name) and a baby bell pepper from my garden.  I also committed an atrocity against leaf lettuce and sent the Red's packing.  Things have been getting a little heated lately, and it was time for them to go.  No, really, thats why; its too hot for Red Leaf Lettuce.  I picked the premature bell pepper because I'm too tired to pay attention, apparently, and broke the plant in half with the hose while trying to water the as-yet-more-of-a-parasite-than-a-contributor zucchini plants.  I have also given up on keeping my potatoes covered, since they're clearly all going to grow up to be basketball players.  I don't know how I'm going to find shoes to fit all 9 of them.
Aside: Are you enjoying these re-caps?  If you'd like something more exciting (and really, who could blame you), please tell me.  Otherwise I'll think you're riveted to my every word, despite the fact that the number of hits to the site keeps dwindling every day.  I'm good at ignoring things.  But really, I understand that this is, again, lazy blogging, similar to lists.  In fact, its another list in disguise!  (Any one else feel like they should be shouting "there's the clue, blue!"?) But its what I've got today.   Sometimes I imagine that something inspiring will hit me while I'm writing.  Chances are not good.  
There have been some other exciting things going on, but I'm going to play a wisdom card and wait to tell you until stuff is more certain.  And no, its not babies.  No babies here, unless you bring one to visit, and if you do, you'd better take it when you leave.  Just layin' it out there.  But there may be some changes coming, and if so, I'll have plenty of new topics to blog about.  Things might be getting pretty excited around here.  Just.You.Wait.

Attempting to leave you hanging, 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Work Playlist

I had asked a while back for suggestions on how to deal with this whole work thing.  Really, I think its either "Coffee" or "You just keep trying.  Its hard."

As I was getting ready last night (and subsequently forgot two very important things today; so much for that), I had asked for how to prepare myself mentally, soulfully.  And no on answered, which makes sense.  Because really, do you  know how I should prepare mentally?  You'd have to know what goes on in my head, and thats a ride no one is buying tickets for.

But I realized today that I am preparing, and I thought I'd tell you how.  In case it gives you ideas for preparing yourself.  Or in case you were corncerned concerned (corn-cerned?? really, self?? go to bed!)  about me.  I'm alright.  Or, at least I will be with sufficient sleep.  But what I've been doing is three fold:

  1. I read my bible at night.  Trust me, reading about heavy stuff like the New Testament church or Steven's beheading makes paper jams seem like childs play.  And there are some pretty sweet Psalms and Proverbs that offer a lot of comfort.  Just sayin'.
  2. I pray in the mornings before I get out of bed.  Most of the time its "Jesus, I don't think I'm gonna go to work today.  Please Jesus?  What?  Something about promises aren't made to be broken?  Fine... "  thrown in with some prayers for Handsome and whatever else pops into my head; thankfulness for what I have, petitions for what I desire, concerns for those I love.  Sometimes I fall back to sleep afterwards and am again awakened by the snooze.  But it helps center me all the same.  Truthfully, sometimes I forget I did it by the time I'm showering, but I do mean it when its happening.
  3. I've got some songs that move/speak to me.  Not in a weird way.  You know, just those songs that make you really... feel?  I may be alone in this, and I won't lie when I say I'm feeling particularly emotional tonight (I've got a self-imposed bedtime of 9:15 looming), but songs just get to me.  I hear a song like Teddy Bear, and I'm wiping my nose on my sleeve and probably a dangerous driver.  I've pulled over to listen before, I cannot tell a lie.   But thats not really what I'm talking about.  Lately I've been listening to my "Favorite Jesus Music" playlist on, which you should check out if you haven't already.  Its like Pandora & Youtube all rolled into one, with sprinkles.
  4. I don't want to be in this list anymore, but I'm not sure how to break out and just give you my most recent playlist songs, which was the intent of this post to begin with.  So lets pretend I did something clever and ... wait for it.... .... wait for it...
... and we're out of the list!

I just found out last Thursday that I'm allowed to have headphones in at work, and so I'm getting my Zune (because I missed the iPod train/didn't believe all the hype/it had radio first...) prepped for tomorrow with some songs, including these which I've listened to/belted out twice already tonight.

Voice of Truth (Casting Crowns) - so nice to focus on truth
Love is Not a Fight (Warren Barfield) - bad acting aside, I love anything that supports marriage.  
Big fan-o-marriage here, that'd be me.
Savior Please (Josh Wilson) - for when you just... can't anymore
In Christ Alone (FFH) - they came to my church 3 or 4 times.  I know them.
One Thing I Know (Sara Groves) - couldn't find it on youtube, but seriously... Grooveshark, baby.

This is a sampling.  Email me if you want more.  Email me if you want to suggest.  I love music suggestions, as I feel sort of ... limited in this area.
Singing more-than-slightly off-key,

The ghost of Summers past

Long long ago, in a land far far away, at a place where child labor laws did not exist and 7-year olds got to cross big roads all by themselves, I spent myself a number of summers.  I think about those days now, as I am now "working" (including commute) 12-hour days, just like I used to when I wore a girls size 4 shoe.  I now wear a woman's size 9.  I've always wished I had stopped at a 7 1/2; seems like the perfect size.

As a further aside, here's a picture of me from about the time frame we're talking.  Actually, I think I'm 6 in the picture below; first grade, thats right!  And if you doubt that I wore stirrup leggins with that sweater and turtle neck, you'd be wrong.

Yes, I know I have bangs in my face.
How else is a girl supposed to look like Jessica Rabbit, as I fancied I did??
p.s.- I can't explain that.  I just liked her hair, I think.
p.p.s.- There's food on the picture, upper right corner.  Please ignore it.

Back then, summers were officially heralded in on Memorial Day weekend, and we always spent the preceding days praying for sunshine and no rain, an unusual event for May in PA.  We wanted no rain, because Memorial Day weekend was the weekend we finally opened up the campground and the canoes and the horseback riding stable and the miniature golf and the bumper boats and the gocarts.  My grandparents own this, what seemed to a young girl, summer paradise, and we lived right across the street from it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm sure it has nothing to do with me eating cake for dinner...

I'm positive thats not the reason my emotions are, in Southern speak, "as busy as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory", a direct quote from Mr. Jim Dub.  Thats another one I forgot to mention, the art of the Southern simile.  Really, it is an art form.  If you're going to attempt to play the game, I'd suggest trying them out at home with a private audience before dropping it into public conversation.  If you're going to make a comparison, Southerners set very high expectations; you'd hate to get crickets on that - awkward!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Might Could and Ida Claire

I was going to write a little post about my puppy, bless his heart, sleeping right away at this moment.  He's all stretched out and worn out from Handsome being home for exactly 71 minutes this morning and playing with him.  Truth be told, its been a long week in this FireWife's house, and as a result, this ole' girl is looking forward to it ending.  I am on my weekend, but as for Handsome, well, I think I'll see him sometime in July.

But, as I began writing this, I stumbled upon a resource which I believe to be PURE GOLD.  I'm so excited about it!  I was going to link "bless his heart" for you, in case you're not from the south and are confused as to what I mean when I say it.  Really, its all in the context, but it means anything from "aren't you sweet" to "what an idiot", with the occasional "don't think I'm a bad person just because I told her she was a waste of air".

Anyhow, what I found was this little dictionary of Southernisms, and as I said, I'm super excited about it!!  I could have used this last night when I made dinner up at H.'s fire house.  The southern lingo was bouncing off the walls so fast, I think I even started rounding my words and softening my syl-a-bils.  The examples in the dictionary make the speakers sound dumb, talking about coon dogs and opossums, but really, most everyone talks like this, even well-educated people.  Its sort of like comfort food.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've got some questions for you

Think of this as a type of Seventeen-esque quiz.  You ever do those?  Consider that question numero uno.

I've got things I want to know about people in general.  You, dear reader, dear dear darling reader, are my sample.  I could talk to you about how I need at least 30 responses to estimate for the world at large, according to the law of large numbers, but I'd have to call my sponsor if I started that stuff up again.  Hi, my name is Mariah, and I'm a recovering mathematician.  Now you say, "Hi Mariah!"

Anyhow, I've got some questions.  If you want to answer them anonymously, thats wonderful and does not detract in any way at all.  If you do not want to answer them and other people already have commented, no sweat.  However, if no one else has commented and you think about maybe doing it, let me push you over the edge and guilt peer pressure you.  C'mon!  Do it!  Doooo iT!!

No Pocket Tape Recorders For Me.

I've had a lot of thoughts since I started this job way over on Tuesday, but I have no way to share them with you.  I can't blog while I'm at work, and as noted yesterday, it takes up literally half of my day.  Add to that the other stuff weighing on my addled brain, and you've got not a whole lot of room left over.  And lets be honest, this is recreational, and thats always the first to go.  Those poor elective classes...

Anyhow, I thought to myself today that maybe if I wrote stuff down for you as it happened/I thought it, then you would have a glimpse into my day.  But thats not really feasible with my work environment, and so then I imagined having one of those little recorders that journalists use for interviews and people with hearing and attention problems take with them to class.  Making the obvious leap from there, I began to narrate my day to myself, imagining what it would be like if you were privy to all of the goings ons.  Here's what you missed.

  • No less than 9 trips to the water cooler to fill up my cup.  This place has a dispenser that shoots out water and ice and any combination of the two.  Its the good ice cubes, too.  Not the best ones which make your drink sort of like a slushie, but pretty good.
  • I am a copying genius.  This is evidenced by my ability to clear 5 paper jams today.
  • The "thing to do" around my workplace seems to be sending one another different emoticons, so everyone can build up their emoticon library.  I got a small clip of David Hasselhoff today, no lie.
  • I got my work computer today!  Unfortunately, my name was misspelled, so I'm currently answering emails directed to Marah.  But I believe that is fixed now.

Riveting, no?   Trust me, there's more.  I even composed a short piece of non-fiction prose regarding the state of the weather, the presence of geese, and the smell of the air.  It was quite good.  But really, few people no one but my mom really cares to hear all of that drivel.  Once I got on the road to drive home, I even thought that perhaps I wouldn't like the person on the tape recorder, were I to listen to it later.  I was throwing around a lot of "Okay Princess!" and "Hey there, Buddy!" at my fellow drivers.  Tame, yes, but the emotion behind them was not.  Then, on the final stage of the drive home, the music was up at a LOUD volume and I was, to put it mildly, ROCKING OUT.  I'm currently enjoying this song by The Band Perry.  And anything by Zac Brown.  Trust me on this, you're glad you can't hear me sing.  Contrary to what my sweet friend Bec tells me, I'm not very skilled at singing.  Enthusiastic, yes.  Hit a good share of the notes, maybe.  But man, those one's I don't/can't hit, they're bad.

So, I won't be getting a pocket recorder any time soon.  And I'm probably not going to be on reality TV, or supply you with a continuous Twitter feed.  Because, honestly, my life just isn't that interesting to you.  Its not. And thats cool.  I appreciate that you stop over hear to listen to my usually outrageous stories, but you've got your life to live too.  Go, live and enjoy it.  But don't buy a pocket tape recorder.  Unless you're April from the TMNT.  Then its totally appropriate.

Have you any daily drivel to share with me?

Feeling my Friday (parading as a Thursday) from my head  to my toes,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Someday this will all be funny.

So yesterday I started my internship.  And let me tell you, the guy who hired me, Nobiboo (name changed, like you couldn't tell, right?) well, he told me that it would be "dumb butt boring" for the first two weeks.  And after 2 days, let me tell you that Nobiboo may be a lot of things, but he's no liar.  I stared at 3-ring binders for so long these past two days that I'm cross-eyed and I dream about them.  

So anyhow, now I'm a working girl, and along with this job is an early start.  So early, in fact, that I honestly do have to get up while its still dark out.  And unfortunately, I'm still adjusting to this whole schedule. And now I'm rambling.  Let me get to the point, and make this long story actually short.

Take the following 3 ingredients:

  1. I had to leave my house this morning at 6:20 AM
  2. I didn't get to sleep last night until after midnight
  3. I apparently don't like to use my mirrors when I'm sleep-deprived
Shake, don't stir, then bake at 375* for 40 minutes and you get...

This would be Handome's truck.

This would be Handsome's driver-side mirror.
Double whoops.

This would be the Jeep Jeep.
Thats a hat-trick, folks.
As you can see, I got the better end of the deal.  Which isn't fair.  But thats how it goes.

You may recall, this is the second time I've backed into Handsome's truck with my Jeep.  In less than 6 months.  Because I'm a professional driver.  SYKE! (but only about the professional driver part.  the rest is true.)

So tonight I arrived home a little over 12 hours after I left it, took my puppy for a run, did a million other tasks, and am now going to fold laundry and go to sleep.  I feel like I'm just trying to get through this day in order to get on to the next one.  So I pose a question to those of you who are used to working for a living: Is this normal?  How does one do, if not "it all", most of what needs to be done?  Do you just head-down-muscle-through until the weekend?  Is this why frozen dinners are in such high demand?  Please, lend me your widsom.  I'm flat out.

Also, although its out of order, let me say that my wonderful Hubby took this in stride.  He even offered, since I seem to feel the need to smash things, to sell his truck and my jeep and buy a pair of clunkers.  He said if we had those types of cars, we could play demo derby in the parking lot to my heart's content.  Ok, so he was a little snarky at first.  But it was funny, and mostly he was just concerned about me being so tired and driving.  So don't worry, he's not going to divorce me over.  We have, however, re-arranged the parking situation so that he's the one who has to back out past me.  And he says he gets two good wallops before we revisit the arrangement.

So tired of playing double-deductible,
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