Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Birthday Means You Do What You Want

And apparently, I want to post 3 times today.  Before 5:30 PM.  Some might say that's excessive.  Know what I say?  Suck it, Trebec, it's my birthday, and I do what I want.

I guess what I wanted was to get lost in episodes of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy for umpteen minutes.  If you can get past the first few minutes of jostling, it's a great bootlegged copy.  Also, language is not G-rated, just so you know.

In other news, I made my birthday cake from this recipe from Foodess.  And then I had a small slice, because, although I do what I want, something else that I wanted was to not spoil my dinner.  A sweet friend is taking me out, since (1) Handsome is working & classing it up, and (2) I have a coupon so I'm a cheap date.  That there small slice, it was lovely.  I'm telling, were I to have an evening that did not involve my sweet friend taking me to dinner, I would totally eat at least 1/4 of that cake.

If she cancels on me for dinner, I'm eating this whole thing.
I won't even be mad.

And finally, although no gift can ever compare to the ridiculously awesome present that I received from my beloved this morning, I did want to show you what I made myself for my birthday.  Yes, I gave myself a present.  Because I do what I want.  And, if I want to stop pretending to be such a tough guy for a moment, because I've been wanting one of these for about... 4-5 years, and finally decided to make one.

A Duffle Bag.
Awesomeness abounds.
While no finished ones are for sale in my shop, I am taking orders :)
I finally found a use for that fabric that had previously left me befuddled.  I feel a bit like a mix between Mary Poppins and a Carpetbagger, but I completely love it.  I took it to the gym this morning, and it fit ALL of my stuff.  Which was a lost.  Precisely, it fit:
  • A sweatshirt
  • Sweatpants
  • Awesome Socks
  • Sneakers
  • FlipFlops
  • Make-up Bag (you know, because a girl has got to look good on her birthday)
  • Shower Bag
  • Towel
  • Washcloth
  • Zune
  • Phone
  • ID
  • Keys
There wasn't a whole lot of room to spare after all of that, but really, what more does a girl need at the gym?  Oh!  And a really big mug of water.  I'm in love.  The best detail?

A little flower I made.  I also learned how to cover a button, as you can see by that button thar that is indeed covered.  I did that.  And, of course, I used my gathering foot.  I mean, what else would I do?

Happy my-birthday to you,


  1. Yummy looking cake. Nice job on the duffle bag! Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. @Melissa,

    Thank you! I did have a wonderful day!

    <3 Mariah

  3. Looks like a good cake! Happy Birthday to you. :-)

  4. Woman, give yourself a lot of credit. I didn't hear a single wine in that mix. You set up time with your friend when you knew he couldn't be there. I haven't had to fill that because I have kids and you don't even want to know the weekend around my bday. Son was born day after if that starts the madness for ya.

    Eating the cake? I'd eat the cake right now just thinking of my lack of personalized bday. YOU schedule whatever you want on your bday. He truly won't care when you tell him where to be and what to wear on the years he's open :) Happy birthday!

  5. Anonymous1/25/2012

    If i would have seen this before dinner, I would have canceled our dinner date

    ~your sweet friend :)


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