Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Monies, True Love, and Personal Loans ** UPDATE **

** Itidal's loan has been completely bought up!  But don't worry, there's still ton's of people who could use your help to build a better life for them & their families!  AND I have confirmation that it's 100% legit.  WOOT! **

Handsome and I went out on the town today.  Lunch date (my favorite kind, more on that later), thrift stores, riding around in the car; it was beautiful.  Other than the fact that Handsome's back is rebelling after the 3+ hour wood chopping spree he went on last weekend, so I was basically on a date with crippled, 30-years-from-now-Handsome.  But hey, that's all part of the vows, right?

Dude has mad skillz when it comes to this stuff.
Took me 26 swings (I counted).  Took him 4.
Now if only it didn't leave him stooped and shuffling.

Anyhow, we had a fan-flippin-tastic lunch at Larkin's on the River.  All fans of the Monte Cristo with parmesan crust on both sides (!!) raise your hand.  [20 second pause while I raise my hands (yes, both) enthusiastically]  But we only hit two of the shops that (prepare for a shock to your system) Handsome had planned out ahead of time.  Yes, that's right.  Mr. Spontaneous himself, Mr. What do you mean by "reservation", Mr. ... something else that implies procrastination as a life choice.  He picked out, beforehand, and without needing me there, 6 thrift stores, a quilt shop (!), and a consignment shop, plus where we were having lunch.  It was amazing.  

Seriously, I'm still reeling.  I don't know if I've been on a pre-planned date that I didn't plan since... Senior year of undergrad??  And maybe I said "We should go to the drive-in next weekend" anyhow...  Plus, he picked out a quilt/fabric store.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  The only reason H. ever has anything to do with my sewing is because he likes the little yelps I make when I prick my finger with the pins.  That's it.  So to purposely plan to go look at quilts and fabric and odds and ends, well, let me tell you.  It doesn't get much more romantic than that.  That's true love, people, you heard it right here.  Young/Unmarried girls, look for someone who would do that.  That's how you know he's a real keeper.

My "keeper"
Also, picture-taking capabilities are a bonus.

Now, getting around to the point of this post.  The point of this day was for me to shop around and spend my birthday monies.  The quilt shop had been replaced with a large courtyard, so we didn't actually go.  So I didn't spend my birthday monies there.  As I said, we only hit two of the stores, because that's all his back could take, so I think I spent a whopping total of $10.50.  Sweet deals, but I still had a $50 burning a hole in my pocket.  Do I actually have any needs?  Nope.  And really, I'm about full up in the wants department, since I got some chapstick in the mail yesterday.

And then I found the website Kiva via AmySullivan's blog.  Kiva is a way to provide personal microloans to people in developing countries who are trying to make a better life for themselves.  Sounds pretty much awesome.  Got $25?  You can help Itidal with her homemade cheese & yogurt business.  Or anyone else, really.  She's just the gal I picked, partially because I'm afraid of yogurt and respect those who make it, and partially because... I liked her story.  It's a small amount, a small difference, but it's a difference all the same. And I want to make differences.  I'm feeling passionate about it!

Itidal is all up in the cheese making business.
And I helped!
I don't know a ton about it, and yes, I should have researched it more before throwing my money at it.  But (1) I trust Amy, and (2) It seems legit.  Check it out, read about it, research it, and if you'd like to join too, here's a link!  The best part is, yes, I spent my birthday monies.  But, I should be getting them back, starting with the repayment schedule that is posted with each loan (they vary).  And then I can re-invest it in someone else!  All in all, I'm hooked.  I've bookmarked it, and I'm going to show handsome here shortly, see if he's interested in anyone.  If you decide to loan some moola out too (as low as $25/loan), I'd love to know!

Feeling the passion,


  1. Kiva was actually started by a woman in my church - so legit, and so beautiful of an idea. Way to go.

  2. @JB,

    Thanks for confirming that it's legit! I love this idea, so totally cool!

    <3 Mariah

  3. don't know if you know this or not, but the vlogbrothers(that nerdy youtube channel i am always watching) are ALL ABOUT you just might be an inadvertent nerdfighter. just sayin'... :)


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