Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't Be Hangry!

I just saw the word "Hangry" and I love it.

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And while I'm not quite hangry, I am hungry, and unable to get me some food before my meeting at 1:30.  So, I went with the best form of torture substitute, pictures of food!  The pictures quickly led to a menu that I truly believe I will make next to nothing from, but it's a place for ideas to be born.  So here's my pretend, let's-not-get-hangry-menu.  I'm trying to pick health y -ier options, in honor of the new year and the already taxed waistband.  Enjoy!

  • This hungry girl loves her some salsa.  And when I can control the amount of cilantro, all the better.  I'm a cilantro-sprinkler, not over-loader, just in case you were wondering.
  • I'm determined to use our awesome, got-it-on-super-sale grill more, and in it's honor (with a nod to the chicken breast sale this week), I'm thinking about Beer Lime Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken, and Orange Rosemary Chicken.
  • After receiving a super cool and SA-WEET! slow cooker for Christmas, I can't not use it!  So it's going to whip up some Chicken BBQ, once it gets done with the chicken stock it's currently making.
  • Also on the brain, breakfast goodies (1) (2) (3) (4) (5), pasta options (1) (2), and homemade crackers, for something new.
Do you have food on the brain?


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  1. Not food on the brain, really, but I did want to tell you I made English Muffin Pizzas for Schuyler & Julian tonight for dinner. Bring back memories? And since when do you eat a bowl of oatmeal? You MUST be hungry!


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