Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Freeze

Guess what my house didn't have until today?  (And don't say curtains, that's (a) a sore spot, and (b) still not finished).

I'll give you a hint:

And by "hint", I meant I'd totally give it away and thus end the guessing game.
SIDENOTE: My niece seriously wants you to guess when she says "Guess what?!" or "Guess who I saw?!"  It's adorable.
Yes, that's right.  Handsome and I have survived almost 4 years without owning an ice cube tray.  Talk about First World problems, here, people, things were starting to get a little dicey.  I mean, we had ice, but no trays.  How?  Ice machine in the freezer.  Bazinga.

But with our latest move and our craigslist-freezer, we found ourselves without any means of making ice.  Which wasn't really a problem, until I decided that I must make smoothies or die trying.  You'll notice that I even grabbed a specialty tray, for this exact expressed purpose.

Ideal for blenders, AND made in the U.S. of A.  It's like winning the lottery, for American smoothie makers.

So now that I've got the trappings (Magic Bullet is already in the cupboards, just waiting for it's first job!), I need some smoothie recipes.  Anyone try the green smoothies yet?  Any good ideas for me?  

So that's the first part of our February freeze.  February is going to be the month that we freeze water.  The month that we use frozen water mixed with fruit and yogurt for delicious healthfulness.  It's also the month that we freeze our spending.  At least we're going to try.

We're planning to not buy things we don't need (doesn't that sound like a great life-plan in general?  I mean, seriously folks..).  There will be groceries, but I'm going to try and clean out the pantry.  There will be gasolina (and diesel) purchases, but we're going to try and limit our fuel consumption.  And... that's basically it.

We hatched this plan last night after we (disappointingly) did our taxes and came out in the red.  The idea is, we could really use a time period of not spending as much as we want.  And, since I'm all commitment-shy and whatnot, the shortest month of the year seemed like a good idea.  

Of course, about 15 hours after we decided this and shook on it, I realized that it means Valentines day will not be all comercial-ly-romantic goodness.  Which I may or may not be okay with, the jury is still out.  It did immediately pop into my mind to make Handsome a pair of slippers with some felted wool I have, which is just what every guy wants for valentine's day.  I'm sure it's a solid plan.  I'll let you know.

Love and smoothies,


  1. It's been a long time since I've bought something I don't need, unless it was food. By which I mean food I don't need, like stuff to make oreo truffles or, you know, beer.

    Back on topic, I LOVE smoothies. I never really used any recipes, just threw in what I had. Peanut butter and banana and chocolate protein shake powder was a favorite when I needed something really sustaining. Pretty much any medley of frozen fruit with some yogurt and juice to get things moving is good. Congratulations on your smoothie-compatible household. :)

  2. @freeisalark,

    I am thinking I'm going to try a green smoothie... little nervous, but I'll let you know how it turns out! I'm going to be a smoothie-making machine before long!

    <3 Mariah


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