Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If I may have a Word with you

There's this whole "One Word" thing.  Maybe you don't know about it.  Before I cannonballed into bloggy land, I didn't know about it either.  From what I gather, you choose one word to be your focus for the year.  Honestly, that seems like a pretty big commitment.  I mean, one word for the entire year?

So I avoided it.  Because I can commit to very few things in life.  Handsome?  Fo-eva.  Deli-style ham?  Most of my formative years, and long into the future.  But a word?  For an entire year?  One word, 366 (!! because it's leap year!!) days... I mean, maybe if it was 365.  I just don't know about that last day.

But then my pastor spoke one Sunday.  He said "Ask God to give you a burden for others."  And I wanted a burden.  But I wanted more than that, too.  Pastor G. said that a burden would move you to action, but I need more action, I need explosive action.  So I did ask God to give me a burden for others, but also for him to give me Passion.  This morning, I prayed, "God, let this year be full of passion."  And then I thought, (yes, in the middle of praying) - that's my word.

Passion for people.  A life's passion to work towards.  Passion in the morning, passion in the evening, passion at supper time.

Definition: A strong and barely controlable emotion.  Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

So that's my word, that's my (stolen & cropped) picture of my word, and that's my focus.  To be passionate.  To be barely controlled, but in a good and directed way.  To be compelled to action.

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Passion all around,


  1. Being passionate about life is a wonderful thing. So glad you found your word. Wishing you a life full of passion in 2012!

  2. Oooooh, that's a good one!

  3. Passion is a fantastic word! I have hit a point in my life where thinning out is the name of the game...I use passion as game changer. I ask myself, am I passionate about this...if so, keep at it....if no, time to move on.

    PS Thanks for the comment over at my blog :)

  4. Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!


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