Monday, January 23, 2012

New Goals

I have goals.  Often they change with the moment.  Sometimes they are stated, and sometimes they are obvious only in reflection.  Like tonight, apparently, my goal was to consume waaaay too many not-even-my-best-ever no-bake cookies.  Apparently, my goal was to consume so many that I had to resort to desperate measures to undo all that snacking.

(a) I hate that guy's commentary.
(b) sometimes I think I don't like him as a person very much, either.
(c) I only made it through 25 minutes.
(d) that 25 minutes "undid" 2 cookies
But let's talk about intentional goals.  Measurable, observable, and with a deadline.  The good type.

Last week my goal was shoppe-related: 3 new purses made by end of business on Sunday.  And I reached that goal.  I had a few spare hours, thought, "gee, what ever will I do?" and my goals directed me; laundry?  No way!  I've got purses to sew!  New shoppe goal?  3 "small" sewn things by next Sunday.  Ima gonna knock it out!

This Sunday I made a new goal: 4+ days this week with bible & prayer time.  I need this.  My soul needs this.  The big changes God is about to wrought (I don't even know what that means) in my life need this goal to be achieved.  So this morning, instead of 16 more minutes of sleeping, I did it.  Because my goal gave me direction.

And now, after an abominable showing this afternoon, I have a new goal.  Not to supersede the others, but alongside them.  This new goal can be summed up in one word: Punctuality.  I am a firm believer, especially in the business world, but in a person's personal life, as well, that punctuality shows respect.  It suggests an understanding that the other person has value and their time is important.  And me?  Well, I seem to be forever running behind.  

And that's going to get my behind in deep trouble if I don't shape up.
7 minutes here, 30 minutes there.  I swear, last week, I mis-remembered the time for three, count 'em, THREE meetings.  By 30 minutes or more.  What is wrong with a person that they can do that?  I'm a hot mess, in case anyone imagined otherwise.

This goal, to be more punctual, is not easily achieved as stated.  It's measurable, but only in a pass/fail sort of way.  It's observable, but again, the observations are "late" and "not late".  That's a lot a pressure for a girl.  So I made some action plans.
  1. Move back (forward?) every deadline at least 10 minutes.
  2. Add 10 minutes to expected travel time.
  3. Set a firm deadline for when you have to be out the door, and stick to it.
They don't seem too difficult.  As an example, here's my plan for catching my (hypothetical) 2:40 flight tomorrow:
  1. Tell myself flight is at 2:30.  Small airport, need to be there 1 hour early.  Nope.  Need to be there 1 hour, 30 minutes early.  Ergo, be at airport at 1 PM.
  2. It takes 50 minutes to get to the airport from my house.  Nope.  it takes 1 hour to get to the airport.
  3. I will leave my house at noon.  Period.
Will this work?  I can only hope.  Two (three?) trips ago, I missed my flight because I pulled in the airport parking lot 17 minutes before it was scheduled to depart.  I can't do that again.  Handsome and I are always the late ones.  Some friends who have known us for years don't worry unless we're more than 2 hours late.  Others just tell us the party starts an hour before it actually does.

It can't go on like this.  The lateness insanity must stop.

What about you?  Are you a punctual person?  How do you feel about late people?  Do you hate me on principle?

Later than I meant to be,


  1. My Boo and I differ drastically on the punctuality ideal. He needs to be at work by 7:45. He gets there at 6:20. TOTAL overkill in my opinion. He does this with everything and we've ended up sitting for more than 2 hours waiting for various things.

    I tend to be the late one. I don't mean to be - but since Boo leaves so early, (I would say he does it on purpose, but he's done it since long before kids) that saddles me with all the responsibility of getting the kids up and at 'em by myself and attempt to get to work on time.

    I have found that no matter how early I get up, or how prepared I am...It really depends on the kids and how they take my leaving.

    But I agree, it is a sign of respect/disrespect and I do my darndest to be on time or preferably with 5 -10 minutes to spare.

  2. @Amber,

    I sort of wish I had kids to blame my lateness on! Sometimes, I swear, getting Handsome ready and out of the house should almost qualify :) Good luck to you, it sounds like you're handling a lot!

    <3 Mariah

    p.s.- sorry this comment is so late! guess that kind of blows the whole idea :)


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