Monday, January 16, 2012

NY Resolution Fail

The only one I really meant, the one that I worked really really hard at, is busted.  Failed.  Kaput.

I've lost the cord to my camera.  I swear, I've been putting things back where they go, not just setting them down, I know I have.  I even took a little box and labeled it "electronics" and kept it in the room so I can put my camera cord and zune charger and whatever else, in it.

And now it's gone.

I have pictures on my camera, but I can't share them with you, because I'm about as responsible as a springer spaniel.  Just in case you feel like humoring/betting against me, any guesses for where it may have run off to?  And don't assume that because you've never been to my house, that you don't know where it could be.  Because really, any place you can think of is fair game.  Let me tell you, however, that I do not have a pantry, nor a garage, so those two are impossible.  Inside my chest freezer in my carport?  Totally a possibility.

I'm putting this on my wishlist, along with a cable for my kindle.
Because, you know, that's the misplaced item that started it all.
So, in case you want to enable my disregard for taking care of things buy me a birthday present...

Irresponsible to a fault,


  1. Sorry, your birthday present is already in the mail. If only you'd confessed your irresponsibility sooner. Love you.

  2. jaynekuykendall1/16/2012

    I think I may have a charger from an old camera with the same connections... if you are interested...


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