Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIWW: A Vision In Monochrome


Let's start this out with some disclaimers:

  • I got 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.  
  • I was on an airplane, not moving, for over 4 hours yesterday.
  • I was doing airplane/airport - y things yesterday for over 11 hours total.

And then this morning, I had an extra 15 minutes, so I thought I'd link up at the Pleated Poppy for a What I Wore Wednesday.  With an outfit that I am actually wearing on Wednesday.  As the title says, I am currently a vision in monochrome.

Button-up: Express, years ago.  Slacks: Express, this summer.  Shoes: Nine West, outlet.  Cardi: Old Navy, to match my Mom.
Black, white, and in-between.

Sassy shoes?  Check.  Classic hip check pose?  Check.  Cardigan that makes weird bulges appear in my midsection area, as well as split ends out the wazoo?  Check and check.  Business professional at it's best.

You might say that accessories could make this outfit.  That I could really snazz it up with some brights, or even pastels.  And I would agree, yes, I could.  With could being the optimal word.

Light gray, dark gray, and cream.
Don't want to get too far away from my color scheme here.
Also, I designed & made that purse.
It'll be in the shop soon, I'm changing some things.

Apparently, I didn't feel very adventurous after my uber-turbulence airplane rides yesterday.  Tomorrow, I promise, I'll mix it up a little bit.  I think I have some beige, some blue, some violet.  Really, the people we're meeting might not even recognize me!

So that's my WIWW.  Because it's all I had in me this morning.  And then I was late for my meeting, and then I had my ALL DAY MEETING, and then I came back, and it's still all I've got.  Hopefully, I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow of the mountains here.  Really, while they are also a vision in monochrome, they are much, much more appealing.  Mountains don't have split ends.

I don't dream in color, 


  1. Anonymous1/25/2012

    I would like to see a better picture of the purse

    1. Anonymous1/26/2012

      You look fabulous!


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