Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Year Of Photos

In other news (and while I'm pretty sure that posting one post on top of another post is bad form, I'm doing it anyhow) I'm linking up with I should be folding laundry for a year's review of our favorite photos. Mine are posted below the break, so you don't have to look if you don't want to.  I'd hate to force someone to look at pictures.  That's so rude.

Apparently, however, I'm not above a teaser...

I may not know what I'm doing here, or why I'm doing it, but after looking at these pictures, I do know one thing: I've had a heck of a time doing it all.  It's been a beautiful year.


p.s.- I spelled "reminiscing" correctly the first time.  Bonus points!  I'm going to bed on a high note now.  FireWife Out.


  1. The fire station picture makes me wonder why that locker is empty, whether it has a deeper meaning.

    And I looooove the one of the vehicle and road behind with the setting sun. Just beautiful! Makes me long for summer just so I can go for an evening drive!


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