Thursday, January 12, 2012


I was fired up yesterday.  My tutoring bro (I'm not sure what to call him.  Suggestions are being accepted) couldn't understand (a) why I was so excited about graphing compound inequalities and (b) how I could be in such a good mood when it's been such a mess outside lately.  By the end of the hour, however, he may or may not have (and it's definitely a "may" ) fist-pumped.  It was half-hearted, but it felt like a victory.

I was so fired up.  SO much.  I couldn't answer Tbro's (that one won't work, sounds like Tebow) question, either; the "why?"  If you had asked me yesterday, I might have blamed it on the exercising I've started doing.

Watch out, I'm taming this beast!

However, since I slept for a good 9 1/2 hours last night out of sheer exhaustion, I'm thinking that may not be the source of my newfound energy.

I'm sure it is in no small part due to my best. purchase. oftheyear.  I got it in the mail yesterday about 52 minutes before I had to go tutor.  Since it takes me 9 minutes to drive there, I spent approximately 43 minutes falling in love.

Seriously  people, $3.16.  So. Much. Joy.  I don't feel that I adequately expressed this yesterday: I love my gathering foot.  Like, LOVE.  As soon as I figured it out (thank you, youtube), I grabbed a stack of scraps and turned started gathering like mad.  I was a mad gatherer, and I was happy about it (ha!  Figure that out!).  I gathered on one side, I gathered on both.  Heck, I even attached an un-gathered piece to the piece currently being gathered.  I gathered multiple layers, and even gathered some in the middle.  It was glorious.  About the middle of my gathering is when the skies parted yesterday and the sun burst through like a pikachu attack.

Yes, Angels were I was singing.
This new obsession skill is why I had to try and make that little purse from yesterday.  And it's cute, don't get me wrong.  But I have more in me.  More gathering to do.  Some people make their living out of ruffles.  

Her name is Gussy.
She's pretty cool.

Here's a deal for you.  If you want something ruffled, or if you would just like to have a ruffle of your very own, leave me a comment, and we'll work it out.  Let me do this for you.  No, silly reader friend, you won't be enabling.  What a ridiculous, meaningless word.  Seriously, don't you need more ruffles in your life?  I know I do!

Color me ruffled,

p.s.- I've talked to a Chinese friend of mine about the totebag.  He confirmed that (a) the Chinese characters say the same thing as the English words [which was my  main concern], and (b) the tote is not offensive to Chinese people, more like a bunch of Chinese-style redneck jokes.  He laughed when he read it, and wasn't even put off a little by the "Thou shall not spit".  Thank you all for your votes.  

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  1. You are a MACHINE!

    I need your socks in a big, bad way.

    And I. Love. Sammy.


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