Friday, February 24, 2012

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I just realized today, in looking at an album cover, that Kevin Bacon was in Footloose.

Please don't hold that against me.

In fact, I feel like I should earn points for just recognizing him.


Maybe not.

Anyhow, I bring him up because (1) I couldn't think of a better blog title, (2) I think the "please don't die" photo array is a little bit humorous, if dark, and (3) KB is the center of the Hollywood universe.  Don't trust me, Wiki says it's true.  

from here

Enough about Kevin, though (there's no way I could say "enough about Bacon"... there's never enough bacon.).  This is just a convoluted way to get around to talking about degrees of separation.  And my Etsy shoppe.  I've sold a few purses (3, to be specific), and that's always nice.  My first purse, to a friend of mine (1 degree of separation).  Not super exciting, but definitely supportive. My second purse, to one of her friends (2 degrees of separation).  Alright, this one was cool... networking clearly has some cred.  

My THIRD purse, however, that one is the big'un.  Not only did it sell 8.4 minutes after I listed it, it sold to someone WHO I DON'T KNOW!  And I also don't know anyone who knows this person.  So that's like... infinity degrees of separation!!  Take that, Kevin Bacon!  (Sorry Kevin, I didn't mean it.  I don't know what came over me...)

I was so happy.  I had trouble catching my breath.  I was flapping my hands everywhere, saying, "Oh my goodness!!!! eeek!!" or something like it.  You know, because I'm a cool cat, and I do this stuff all the time...  The next morning I packaged and shipped it right away, since the euphoria was still at such a high level.

And that's my story.  There is no point.  Except that bacon is delicious, and I think I'll make some scones later.  Maybe you should, too.  Then at least you'd be getting something out of this blathering.

I <3 bacon,

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