Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fair to Middlin'

If you said to me: Bonjour!  Comment ça va
I would reply: Comme ci, comme ça.

If you said to me: Hey darlin'! How ya doin' tah-nigh'?
I would reply: Fair to middlin'

If you said to me: WHAAAAZZUUUP!?
I would ... well, I would not reply to you.

TCoTFW: As a direct result of writing that French phrase up above (which originally said "Comment t'appelle tu?" which means "What is your name" and not "How are you?"), I've just spent 6 minutes with google translator, typing in 11th grade French and trying to remember the right syntax for "I lost my cow on the mountain.  He was wearing a hat".  

I've had a lovely day, a productive day, and am going now to sew something.  Hopefully something inspired and exciting.  Possibly something dull, and there is a chance it will just be downright ugly.  Its just one of those nights.  We've just been given a tornado watch (or warning, which ever is less severe), so I guess it could get more exciting.  It's a wait-and-see situation.

Finally, I have this song stuck in my head.  You're welcome.

Love in a Tornado,

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  1. WHAZZZUP? lol

    We are also under a tornado watch (less severe than warning, which means, hide now!) Hate these overnight ones. I like to (pretend I can) see what's coming.

    I used to sew cloth bible/book covers, have you seen those? Kinda like these: but mine had lace around the edges and a pocket on the front.

    I made my Grannie one, which she loved so much because it helped her be able to hang on to her bible with the handles. So those might make nice gift items for your store.


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