Saturday, February 4, 2012

In This Moment

I'm eating this:

Recipe & Photo from HERE

Covered up in this:

My favorite T-shirt quilt
 Watching a little BBC on Netflix.  The women's eyebrows are amazing.  My perfect Saturday afternoon.

What are you doing in this moment?

Comfy and Cozy,


  1. Heading for a shower after a morning of sweeping, swiffering, vacuuming and mopping, thanks to Miss(t)y. Grrrrr. Then heading into NewB to retrieve my purse I left at Lois' last night. Then, waiting for my prince to come home and take me out on the town. La Cucaracha (a.k.a. the local Mexican restaurant) and a movie. Not bad for a Saturday. Love you.

  2. Anonymous2/04/2012

    Sitting in my outfit of the month. My bathrobe. Watching a red box movie. Make up every excuse possible to not clean my house or go shopping. Both seem to be to much to do in my bathrobe. So once again peach popsicles and bathrobes win.

  3. illerategranny2/04/2012

    I am reading your blog, waiting for my prince to come home from a gun show and we are going out to dinner at the Saxonburg Hotel, a lot of memories there. Can't wait.

  4. @Dallimomma & @illerategranny,

    So glad you two get date nights tonight!! Such fancy princes you have :) Love you both, and eat something delicious for me!

    <3 Mariah

  5. @Anonymous,

    A good bathrobe is a terrible thing to waste. Best to get the most use out of it possible :) Enjoy your day!

    <3 Mariah


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