Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loving Thankful

This is a little bit late, but I wanted to tell you about our Valentine's day celebration.  Or, since it was technically the day before, our Happy Flower Day celebration, as Handsome called it in the morning when he showed up with flowers.  

As my v-day gift to him (which really has more to do with the fact I had a leetle birthday monies left over, and much less to do with an old dead saint), I took Handsome on a 2-hour windy ride through the mountains.  Beautiful, yes.  Nausea-inducing, double yes.

And to us, that was sort of the crappy part of the whole thing.  I mean, we did eat these scones (go light on the pepper, you're thank me for it!) on the ride up, so that made it almost bearable.  But, when we got to the end, that's when the real party started...



It doesn't hurt even a little bit that my handsome husband looks so great in snowboard boots :)

It was super fun.  We both remembered how to snowboard, even though it had been 6 years & one ACL surgery since we'd last gone.  To top it all off, (1) I got cheesey fries, and (2) I hit a personal best, 8x of switching between front and back edge.  The ski patrol asked me to share with them my skills, but I told them I was on a date...

 Even with the motion sickness on the drive up, hanging out with my guy + being his playmate + and finding new things to do + a little bacon thrown in = Best way to spend a day.  I'm so thankful for that stud up there.  So glad to be in love.

Winter Olympics 2014,

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  1. Anonymous2/19/2012

    It lmakes a grandmother's heart skip a beat to know that her grandchildren really love and care for their spouses . this includes the Firewife's younger sibling. I am so proud of all my grandchildren and their beloveds


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